Monday, 28 May 2012

Wheezy one!

This month started with a trip to A&E with Dad.  I'd had a good day at nursery but as the day went on, I became more and more wheezy so nursery phoned and Dad collected me.  Then Mum got a text message from Dad saying we were in A&E having inhalers and observations, chest X-ray and they were threatening to take blood from me.  Mum sat at work watching the clock until her on call ended and came straight to the hospital where I was giggling and wiggling all over the place whilst Dad looked a bit drained!  After my period of observation (or flirting with the nurses if you believe Dad) I was sent home with inhalers and a special spacer gizmo to help me get all their goodness into my lungs. They seem to be working well and I don't need them all the time.
M + D had more friends round for dinner and we went to Norfolk for a friend's birthday party where there was more coronation chicken than at Buckingham Palace in 1952!  Well done Erika and Rupert on a fantastic bash!

May be a little too much toast at once!?

We went to my friend, Arthur's 1st birthday.  I had chocolate cake and sausage rolls.  Yummy.  I think I'm getting hang of this grown up food.  I'm also finally getting to grips with drinking from a beaker.  According to Nursery, I've been doing it for a while but it's a trick I've been less willing to show at home.  Well, if you've got parents who'll hold a bottle for you, why hold a beaker and drink it yourself?

The Arthurs and their daddies

Along with my wheeze, I got Hand, Foot and Mouth.  This is a virus completely unrelated to Foot and Mouth so I didn't have to be quarantined and M+D didn't have to dip their feet in disinfectant.  It did make my hands look a little sore and blistered but, since no-one had told me I was ill, I carried on as usual. 

It was then my turn for another birthday party.  This time I had to share the lime light with my Grandad and my uncle for a 121st Birthday.  We had lots of friends round to Granny and Grandad E's and had a hog roast and a magician.  It was brilliant and didn't even rain.  M+D said it was the weather they had wanted at their wedding almost 3 years ago.  Apparently it rained quite a bit on their big day!  Despite M+D asking friends not to bother with presents they seemed to ignore the request but I didn't mind lots of lovely presents, so thank you!

More pressies for me!

Then the sun came out...and we have had lots of barbeques in our new back garden.  Three in a week to be precise.  Dad has bought a lawn mower and is now obsessing with making stripes on the world's smallest lawn.  Honestly, I've got muslins bigger than our lawn.  But it is soft and comfy for me to sit on and safer for me than the pond that was there before.

Me with Granny E

It's been a warm finish to the month and I've been sleeping in just my pyjamas without a growbag.  This has given me much more freedom in my cot and my wiggling has meant that M+D have found me in all sorts of positions by the morning.  Turning 180 degrees is nothing to a growing boy like me.  I still haven't quite got round to using me legs for crawling or standing yet but I do kick them when we go swimming and I do straighten my legs when I'm really angry and want to make a point. My physio has given me more exercises involving Mum's big swiss ball.  It is a bit of a work out for Mum too as she has to concentrate on keeping me on it as I roll and bounce about. 

Only 90 degree shift overnight this time

It's nearly Jubilee time and I've got my outfit washed and ready to go.  Photos to follow...

love to all,
Arthur xxx