Monday, 1 April 2013


Happy Easter!

No big news this month but lots of happy little things: moving, talking, playing and friends.

I've been walking more and more and am now confident both indoors and out.  I tested my wellies with Dad and Grandpa E and only tripped over a couple of times.  Wellies and my all-in-one snow suit make it quite difficult to stand up and toddle but Mummy was there to help.

I'm also mastering stairs.  Going up has not really been a problem, but coming down them is a bit more challenging. After some encouragement from M+D, I can now shuffle down on my bottom.  Very satisfying although I prefer to have a hand to hold whilst doing this just in case I miss my footing/shuffle.

All this means that my Physiotherapist is seeing me less and less with a view to discharging me provided I continue to progress with the walking like other toddlers (less waddling and less hands out to the sides etc).  I'm gaining confidence on a daily basis so I reckon this shouldn't be a problem.

I've also been discharged from Speech and Language therapy as I can talk and copy and string words together so well.  I'm particularly good at animals and the noises they make: M+D seem to really like it when I say "owl" and "Tee-woo" as the noise it makes.

I can also recognise shapes (my favourite is a triangle), some colours (especially purple and pink) and I can count the numbers up to 20 (well nearly all of them).  I'm now learning the days of the week and lots of bits of the body, singing "head, shoulder, knees and toes". I've also got the hang of 'under' and 'on top', so you can't hide things from me anymore!

Me showing how to do a 'diamond'.

I've now discovered Duplo and can now build all sorts of things.  M+D say that when they were little the bricks were just squares or rectangles but now I have curvy bits and wiggly bits and I can build animals and insects and things.  They even come with a book to help me build things and tell a story too.  How things have changed!

Seeing friends:
This month has been mainly about eating in and out with friends and family...

So I've been out to a tea house for my friend Leo's birthday party and we had sandwiches and cake.  We played with balloons and wooden cars and trains and I chatted with everyone.  Then it was Mothers' Day and Daddy's birthday so I got to see my babysitter, Diana, because M+D went out for dinner like grown-ups.  I think they had a nice time - I had a lovely time with Diana.  She gives me lots of hugs and lets me watch You've Been Framed.  It makes me giggle a lot!

Aunty Lizzie came to say hello whilst she was in town.  We had a delicious brunch at Village East.  I had pancakes and fruit salad.  I've decided that fruit isn't evil anymore and enjoy grapes, blueberries, banana and strawberries.  I'm still not sure about apples or pears though.  Pancakes have always been yummy.

We all went for Sunday lunch at our local pub; The Black Dog with another friend of mine, Isabella, and her parents.  I just ate bits off M+D's plate and sweet potato fries.  I finished off with cake and ice cream.  Isabella is a girl after my own heart and disregarded most of the savoury stuff and went straight for the sweet treats and snacks brought along by her Mum.  She was very kind and let me share some of them too.  Thank you Isabella!

Next weekend we all got into the car and travelled out of  London into the countryside (well Zone 6 anyway) to see my friend Robin and his parents.  His Mummy cooked food for me and Robin, then it was time for bed whilst his Daddy cooked for the grown ups. But Robin and I decided that it wasn't time for sleep even though it was way past out bedtimes. Eventually we got bored of the grown-up conversations and went back to bed!

Easter has been a mix of Dad doing DIY (wiring, tiling and floor stripping) which has meant lots of things I'm not allowed to touch, even if I look super cute. And then a trip down to see my grandparents which is where I started this blog.
"R is for Rfur". Me doing letters with Grandpa

So another month has flown by and it's April - the month I should have been born in.  I have a feeling M+D will have a little party again to celebrate but apparently once you turn two no one really uses the 'corrected' age anymore so I think this year will be the last of double birthdays.  Humph. I better get extra cake next time!

Bye for now,