Sunday, 3 March 2013

Toddling along

Hello everybody!

Let me start with my big news - I can walk!! They said I wouldn't manage it (actually, the exact phrase was "I'm not saying he'll never walk but...") and, to be honest I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. Having turned 2 'officially' at the end of January, I decided that it was time to try my hand at walking without something to hold on to.  I needed a little persuasion and a trip to St. Lucia to do it but now I'm up and off all on my own!

At the beginning of the month Mum, Dad and I packed up a lot of nappies, Weetabix, raisins, seemingly all the clothes I own, and the odd bit of swimwear and headed off to St. Lucia for a couple of weeks of relaxation and sunshine.  I even got my own seat on the plane as I didn't enjoy the last trip back from Italy on Dad's lap quite so much and this was much more satisfactory.  I had my little iPad and M+D either side of me to keep me safe and sound.  I practiced my charm offensive with passengers and cabin crew.

We spent the first week in a big resort with lots of swimming pools and steep hills.  M+D didn't seem to like having to push my buggy up and down the slopes especially as own room was on the other side of the resort from the Kids' Club and pool.  (Morgan Bay - seriously not recommended) Still, we met some other families and spent most of the time by the Kids' pool and that's where M+D began encouraging to walk on my own.  They started by helping me walk in a pool where the water wasn't too deep but could support some of my weight and off I went.  I was a bit wobbly at first but soon got the hang of it.

Splish splash

We went to the Drive thru' volcano in the south of the island at Soufriere and I splashed about in the warm, volcanic mud pools there. 

Mud, mud glorious mud...

Our first resort was on the Caribbean side of the island and I swam with Daddy in the sea there.
But since it didn't really work for families, we moved to a second resort for the next week and this is where I perfected my skills - on the beach.  The sand meant it didn't hurt if I fell over.  This resort was on the Atlantic side of the island. So I've now swum in the Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean - how cool is that!

Atlantic ocean waves

I learnt a new trick from David one of the bar men.  He taught me to say 'yeah man!' and to make a fist to bounce against someone else's fist.  This makes M&D giggle a lot so they keep doing it with me now we're home too!  Even the Nursery staff are doing it.  Honestly!


We had a fabulous second week (at Cotton Bay), met some lovely other families, met up with M&D's friends Cat and James - I got a babysitter, they got giggly on rum! All to soon it was time to come back. This time I got my own bed - and found it had little switches which made it whizz back and forth. Huge fun for me, slightly annoying for Dad as he tried to sleep, oops!

So now I can toddle along on my own, getting up from sitting without needing someone or something to help me.  It means I'm playing more with the other children at nursery and that I've graduated from the fabulous charity Small Steps, who were such a help to M&D - I got a certificate signed by all the staff!  They have helped me get going and I know M&D are very grateful!

My words have come on leaps and bounds.  I can ask for things by name rather than just pointing.  This mainly refers to the iPad - or Ipider as I like to call it.  Mum thinks this is because I have an App of The Incy Wincy Spider on it and I've muddled the words.   She still knows what I'm asking for though. I can also say some phrases too - 'how are you?'; 'I am fine' and I know my name is Arthur Eccles.  Granny W taught me this last one when she came to baby sit when Nursery was closed.  We had lots of fun and I showed her how to use my iPad and she read me lots of books and watched me walk all over the house including up the stairs.  I need to be watched closely when I do stairs as I'm still not great at going down them and can be a little unsteady.

And did I mention I can count - all the way to seventeen, which is more numbers than I'll ever need I reckon.

Back in dear old London and boy is it chilly.  I've been busy socialising - with Isabella at Gymboree, Artie,  my Godparents and their daughters and with Jill at M&D's favourite gallery: the New Academy and Curwen.  Her space is brilliant for walking practice although M+D did keep stopping me touching things.  Spoil sports!

Bye for now,

Arthur xxx