Sunday, 30 October 2011


Happy Halloween!

The countdown for Mum going back to work continues and that means more nursery for me and more paperwork and online modules for Mum.  I turned 9 months last Saturday and 6 months old corrected on Tuesday.

I have been doing some work myself. I did my first unaided roll from my front to my back and I can sit up on my own for several seconds without falling over.  This is a big deal apparently - something to do with milestones and my brain being able to tell my body what to do in the right way. My physio will be pleased!

Sitting on my own.  Clever me!

I have also been developing my voice.  Spending time at nursery with other babies has encouraged me to talk and now I'm making all sorts of new noises. M+D say I like the sound of my own voice.  Truly my father's son then!  Granny W and Grandad and Granny E have been Skyping with me and listening too.

On Thursday, Mum and I went to Northwick to see her old work colleagues and friends before she starts her new job.  I got lots of hugs off lots of people who all said how much I'd grown and how well I looked.  I showed off my new 'glasses grabbing' skills but also did my usual super-cute smiling and chatting.  Mum says she is going to miss Northwick but it might be easier not to go back to work there right now considering it's where my journey began in such stressful circumstances!  I have a feeling we will go back to say hello fairly soon!

Saturday was my first childrens' birthday party for Ozzy and Maddy.  The invitation came through the post addressed to me but it did say I should bring M+D too.  I got dressed up in my skeleton baby grow to fit in with the Halloween theme.  There were pumpkins to decorate, a magic show and Punch and Judy.  M+D picked up tips for childrens' parties for me when I'm a bit older.  Mum will be getting the recipe for the yummy cake!

Giving Dad careful pumpkin decorating instructions
Not sure how closely he listened!

Today I got up at my usual time.  M+D didn't seem too pleased.  No one had told me that the clocks went back!  It did mean I got snuggles with them in bed though and I did more rolling practice and sitting. We all went to lunch at The Black Dog on Vauxhall to meet up with Lucy and her son, Toby.  M+D bumped into another friend, her husband and her son, William too.  He looked really well and is clearly enjoying being at home after his long stay at Tommies.
Toby is getting bigger too.  He can sit up with support and can support his own head.  He smiled and chatted too but we both got a little fractious by the end of the meal as it got quite loud in the pub.  Sunday lunches at the Dog are obviously popular with families!

My bony body suit
Weekends are also DIY time and Dad earned more 'man points' by fixing a light and painting the kitchen window that has been looking a little sorry for itself.  Well done Dad.

Now I know many of you are quite addicted to reading my blog and catching up on what I get up to but once Mum is back to work, my weeks will be fairly quiet so I think it is a good time for me to reduce my blogging activity to once a month.  I'm sure you understand.

Bye for now - next installment will be later in November.

Preparing to crawl; well, may be...

Love to all,

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Nursery in earnest

Evening all.

I settled in so well at nursery last week that I spent even longer there this week so Mum could do stuff around the house and get her paperwork updated for her return to work.  Apparently she hasn't needed to complete so many forms since she first started work so getting all the stuff together is taking her a while!

Thursday was a busy social day for me and Mum.  We headed south to Dulwich for morning coffee with Sophie and her daughter, Rose.  She is 12 weeks old and Mum says she is a light as a feather in comparison with me.  I showed her how to eat solids and drink from a bottle.  She showed me how to practice standing on Mum's knee.  Mum and I then headed further south for afternoon tea with my swimming buddies.  Mum had baked scones (lots and lots of scones) and other Mums had made yummy sausage rolls, cupcakes, gorgeous little finger sandwiches, brownies and Dutch fruit cake.  I'm sure you've already guessed what I'm going to say next but once again, none for me!  I tried so hard to look extra cute in order to get even a crumb but nothing!  Humph.

On Friday afternoon M+D and I headed down to Herefordshire for a weekend in the country with Simon and Cathrine.  It took us over 2 hours to get out of London and only a further 2 hours to get to our destination.  We had to go into Wales and everything!  I tried very hard to keep cheerful but the situation and being in my car seat got the better of me and I had to voice my unhappiness on the M4.  Mum coped very well and fed me and chatted to me whilst Dad drove.

Saturday was glorious sunshine and we went for a walk, a pub lunch and another walk.  Sunday wasn't so bright and I was a bit below par so Mum, Cathrine and I drove to the Sunday lunch destination whilst Dad and Simon and his friends walked.  Simon took me for my own little walk and showed me sheep and hills and countryside.  We then headed back to London - more time in the car seat for me.  This time it was Dad's turn to feed me whilst Mum drove.  The journey home was a lot quicker than the way out which was a nice end to the weekend.

Speedy journey hone!

love to all,
Arthur xxx

Sunday, 16 October 2011

New friends

This week has been a big change for me and M+D.  I started Nursery!

Well, actually I've been settling in ready for the real start next week.  I guess you could call it weaning Mum off me too.  Throughout the week, I have spent longer and longer there whilst Mum enjoyed her new Arthur-less time getting a pedicure and a haircut.  I took it all in my stride and slept and ate well whilst there.  I met new babies, most of whom are bigger than me and crawling and standing.  I'm taking note and will do all these things in my own time.  Mum did well too and didn't cry.  She said it felt quite strange being without me or the buggy but I'm pleased she coped so well.

On Thursday I went swimming at the local pool with George and Olive.  Our Mums encouraged us round the pool negotiating the other babies and their Mums and we did some of the skills we had learned at the lessons so we went underwater and splashed and swished.  I was quite tired after Nursery and the swimming pool was lovely and warm so I fell asleep mid-swim!

Friday was another busy day.  Granny W came down to London and we went shopping at Stratford Westfield.  It seemed very big but nice and spread out with shops that Mum likes - ie John Lewis and Waitrose and Apple!  Granny W and Mum had pizza for lunch and didn't give me any.  Humph.  I stared at Mum whilst she ate and eventually she gave in and gave me one of my 'naked Wotsits' to nibble on.  I still haven't got any teeth so I gummed at it and made it soggy, and since it clearly wasn't pizza; I spread it all over my face and top.

Stop interrupting my dinner!

Saturday was a BIG DAY.  I had a Celebration at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Chapel.  I suppose it was a second baptism but you can't have two apparently so it was called a Celebration instead.  Lots of family and friends came to join in the fun including one of my neighbours from Chelsea who had also escaped home with his parents.  The lovely Chaplain did a brilliant job which was helped by my cousin crawling round her legs and me shouting encouragement.

Lots of friends and family came to help me celebrate

After the service was all trooped over to the 'Henry Root' where M+D had ordered enough canapes and cake to sink a hospital. They looked scrummy to me as they passed me by.  I was getting hugs off absolutely everyone which was super but not one of them gave me any champagne. Double humph.

I was given some lovely presents including my first bible. I got three christening cups, one of which was first given to my great-grandfather by my great-great-grandfather (called ARTHUR!) and has all of our initials and dates of birth engraved on it. I felt very special indeed.

Granny W saying hello

Dad gave a little thank you speech which he ended by saying he hoped this was the last time Mum and Dad thought of me as special and basically I'm just a normal little boy now. Apparently that's the best news either of them could have had. They got a bit teary.

And today I met up with Granddad P and Nanna and we all went for a pub lunch. Granddad P wouldn't share his beer or fish pie so I had to settle for milk and butternut squash and pasta stars. What is it with people not sharing their food with me!  Again I got lots of yummy cuddles. I do like cuddles!

Love to all,

Sunday, 9 October 2011

All the leaves are brown...

And suddenly the weather has changed and I'm being dressed in many more layers than last week.  Humph!

Mum has been getting up early every day this week and jumping around in Battersea Park with Cat and the girls. Dad looked after me and I rewarded him with big beaming smiles and babbling.

On Tuesday Mum and I went into town and met up with Katie and her new son Bo for a coffee and some shopping.  Mum fell for my cuteness and bought me some more toys and and padded cushion for my highchair as I'm almost ready for it now.  That night M+D went out for dinner with Simon and Cathrine so I had a night in with one of Dad's friends, Helen.  I think I may have scared her slightly before M+D left by having a proper strop.  I went purple in the face and screamed...a lot...but I soon got bored of that and decided that sleep was a much better idea. Another happy babysitter!

Thursday was a busy day.  Mum bounced around in the park then took me to physio.  Mum told the physio she was worried I wasn't holding my left foot as much as my right.  I then proceeded to not let go of my left foot for the entire consultation!  He He! My physio was very pleased with me and said I was using my hands very well and that M+D should continue to encourage me to roll and to keep practicing my sitting.  It was a windy but sunny day so Mum and I walked back from physio.  In the afternoon, Mum and I went for a late lunch with William and his Mum.  I think this was very good for Mum as she got to talk to William's Mum about my time in hospital and she got to talk to Mum about William's stay too.  Dad went out for dinner in the evening so it was me and Mum.  I was tired after working so hard in physio and went to sleep, leaving Mum to paint the downstairs toilet by herself!

Friday was Gymboree morning.  I met a 5 week old Arthur there.  Gosh he looked very small but was actually the same weight as I was when I came home.  I seem to have grown plenty in the 5 months I've spent at home.  In the afternoon we went for coffee with NCT Mums and babies but only for an hour as Mum and I had a date at Hobbs.  It turns out that Hobbs is a clothes place that makes clothes that fit Mum really well.  Other Mums will apparently appreciate how miraculous finding properly fitting clothes is. I don't understand this. At the moment all my clothes are too big or too small.
Anyway, one of M+D's neighbours' friends works at Hobbs and put Mum's name down for a sample sale event.  Mum and I arrived to find a lot of slightly over excited women in the reception too.  Mum left my buggy at reception and strapped me into the Baby Bjorn and prepared for the mad rush into the sale room.  We did quite well - no one was injured, Mum kept me nice a safe and got herself a skirt, a dress and 2 cardigans for £25!  All the proceeds go to charity too which is nice.

Saturday was family day.  Supermarket in the morning, washing and tidying in the afternoon.  I spent time practicing sitting and rolling with a little help.  I was a bit stroppy in the evening and kept chewing my hands.  M+D say I am teething but I've got nothing to show for it as yet.  Quite annoying!

Dad earned several 'man points' by fitting the kitchen fan into the chimney.  This was very difficult as he had to fit a modern fan into a very old, not straight or regular chimney.  He seemed terribly pleased with himself, so: "well done Dad".

Bye for now,

Sunday, 2 October 2011

What a warm week!

It's been a hot one! For those who aren't in England, it's been really hot here all week - 29.9 degrees (or 80 something for the Americans) yesterday. Fortunately I am a super-sprog and can cheerfully ignore such changes. My parents seemed to wilt at times though!

Mon- Fri was fairly standard for me and Mum.  Lunch with a friend from Mum's choir and her friend who's son spent a long time on St. Thomas' NICU around the same time as me.  Mum and her swapped stories and her son gave me tips on looking even more super-cute to get more cuddles and attention.  He's very good at it!  Mum and I then walked back home which was nearly 2 miles!  I was quite comfy in my buggy, Mum looked a little pink by the time we got home. 
Swimming lessons have finished for now but we all met up for a picnic in Peckham to enjoy the sunshine.  More walking for Mum as the buses were quite busy so there was no room for her, me and my buggy! 
More Gymboree on Friday.  Mum is helping me do sit ups to improve my core strength.  This will encourage me to sit up apparently.  I also decided that my feet are now interesting again so I've been holding them and lying on my back.  If I make a big effort I get onto my side and with a little help I can roll onto my tummy.  Though I'll need a bit more practice before I can do it all by myself.

On Saturday we all got in the car and went to see one of M +D's friends and her family.  Her son, Toby is a bit younger than me and they were having a barbeque to celebrate his arrival.  Lots of babies of all ages were there including one that was only 2 weeks old.  He kept himself to himself and slept most of the time.  I used the tips from William on Tuesday and looked adorable and got hugs from lots of people.  I only stealth-vomitted on Mum - well it would be rude to do it to anyone else!
Like father, like son!

Sunday - more glorious sunshine and more walking around for M+D with me in my chariot.  We went to The Hawksmoor in Covent Garden for lunch with my Godparents, Fred and Sherifa.  They all ate lots of meat whilst I had chicken mush but I got lots of hugs too.  When we walked home, we bumped into another Tommies baby, Leo and his parents.  He has grown so much and has way more hair than me.  He's rolling and trying to stand with help apparently - a lot happens in 5 months.
Loving the sunshine!

The hot weather hasn't stopped me sleeping although the number of clothes I'm in has reduced.  The weathermen are saying it will come to an end on Tuesday.  That's a shame as I like walking around in the sun with Mum.  We will have to find more indoor activities...

Bye for now,

Arthur xxx