Sunday, 30 October 2011


Happy Halloween!

The countdown for Mum going back to work continues and that means more nursery for me and more paperwork and online modules for Mum.  I turned 9 months last Saturday and 6 months old corrected on Tuesday.

I have been doing some work myself. I did my first unaided roll from my front to my back and I can sit up on my own for several seconds without falling over.  This is a big deal apparently - something to do with milestones and my brain being able to tell my body what to do in the right way. My physio will be pleased!

Sitting on my own.  Clever me!

I have also been developing my voice.  Spending time at nursery with other babies has encouraged me to talk and now I'm making all sorts of new noises. M+D say I like the sound of my own voice.  Truly my father's son then!  Granny W and Grandad and Granny E have been Skyping with me and listening too.

On Thursday, Mum and I went to Northwick to see her old work colleagues and friends before she starts her new job.  I got lots of hugs off lots of people who all said how much I'd grown and how well I looked.  I showed off my new 'glasses grabbing' skills but also did my usual super-cute smiling and chatting.  Mum says she is going to miss Northwick but it might be easier not to go back to work there right now considering it's where my journey began in such stressful circumstances!  I have a feeling we will go back to say hello fairly soon!

Saturday was my first childrens' birthday party for Ozzy and Maddy.  The invitation came through the post addressed to me but it did say I should bring M+D too.  I got dressed up in my skeleton baby grow to fit in with the Halloween theme.  There were pumpkins to decorate, a magic show and Punch and Judy.  M+D picked up tips for childrens' parties for me when I'm a bit older.  Mum will be getting the recipe for the yummy cake!

Giving Dad careful pumpkin decorating instructions
Not sure how closely he listened!

Today I got up at my usual time.  M+D didn't seem too pleased.  No one had told me that the clocks went back!  It did mean I got snuggles with them in bed though and I did more rolling practice and sitting. We all went to lunch at The Black Dog on Vauxhall to meet up with Lucy and her son, Toby.  M+D bumped into another friend, her husband and her son, William too.  He looked really well and is clearly enjoying being at home after his long stay at Tommies.
Toby is getting bigger too.  He can sit up with support and can support his own head.  He smiled and chatted too but we both got a little fractious by the end of the meal as it got quite loud in the pub.  Sunday lunches at the Dog are obviously popular with families!

My bony body suit
Weekends are also DIY time and Dad earned more 'man points' by fixing a light and painting the kitchen window that has been looking a little sorry for itself.  Well done Dad.

Now I know many of you are quite addicted to reading my blog and catching up on what I get up to but once Mum is back to work, my weeks will be fairly quiet so I think it is a good time for me to reduce my blogging activity to once a month.  I'm sure you understand.

Bye for now - next installment will be later in November.

Preparing to crawl; well, may be...

Love to all,

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