Sunday, 9 October 2011

All the leaves are brown...

And suddenly the weather has changed and I'm being dressed in many more layers than last week.  Humph!

Mum has been getting up early every day this week and jumping around in Battersea Park with Cat and the girls. Dad looked after me and I rewarded him with big beaming smiles and babbling.

On Tuesday Mum and I went into town and met up with Katie and her new son Bo for a coffee and some shopping.  Mum fell for my cuteness and bought me some more toys and and padded cushion for my highchair as I'm almost ready for it now.  That night M+D went out for dinner with Simon and Cathrine so I had a night in with one of Dad's friends, Helen.  I think I may have scared her slightly before M+D left by having a proper strop.  I went purple in the face and screamed...a lot...but I soon got bored of that and decided that sleep was a much better idea. Another happy babysitter!

Thursday was a busy day.  Mum bounced around in the park then took me to physio.  Mum told the physio she was worried I wasn't holding my left foot as much as my right.  I then proceeded to not let go of my left foot for the entire consultation!  He He! My physio was very pleased with me and said I was using my hands very well and that M+D should continue to encourage me to roll and to keep practicing my sitting.  It was a windy but sunny day so Mum and I walked back from physio.  In the afternoon, Mum and I went for a late lunch with William and his Mum.  I think this was very good for Mum as she got to talk to William's Mum about my time in hospital and she got to talk to Mum about William's stay too.  Dad went out for dinner in the evening so it was me and Mum.  I was tired after working so hard in physio and went to sleep, leaving Mum to paint the downstairs toilet by herself!

Friday was Gymboree morning.  I met a 5 week old Arthur there.  Gosh he looked very small but was actually the same weight as I was when I came home.  I seem to have grown plenty in the 5 months I've spent at home.  In the afternoon we went for coffee with NCT Mums and babies but only for an hour as Mum and I had a date at Hobbs.  It turns out that Hobbs is a clothes place that makes clothes that fit Mum really well.  Other Mums will apparently appreciate how miraculous finding properly fitting clothes is. I don't understand this. At the moment all my clothes are too big or too small.
Anyway, one of M+D's neighbours' friends works at Hobbs and put Mum's name down for a sample sale event.  Mum and I arrived to find a lot of slightly over excited women in the reception too.  Mum left my buggy at reception and strapped me into the Baby Bjorn and prepared for the mad rush into the sale room.  We did quite well - no one was injured, Mum kept me nice a safe and got herself a skirt, a dress and 2 cardigans for £25!  All the proceeds go to charity too which is nice.

Saturday was family day.  Supermarket in the morning, washing and tidying in the afternoon.  I spent time practicing sitting and rolling with a little help.  I was a bit stroppy in the evening and kept chewing my hands.  M+D say I am teething but I've got nothing to show for it as yet.  Quite annoying!

Dad earned several 'man points' by fitting the kitchen fan into the chimney.  This was very difficult as he had to fit a modern fan into a very old, not straight or regular chimney.  He seemed terribly pleased with himself, so: "well done Dad".

Bye for now,

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  1. Wow Arthur! I can't believe how big you are! And how gorgeously handsome!!