Sunday, 2 October 2011

What a warm week!

It's been a hot one! For those who aren't in England, it's been really hot here all week - 29.9 degrees (or 80 something for the Americans) yesterday. Fortunately I am a super-sprog and can cheerfully ignore such changes. My parents seemed to wilt at times though!

Mon- Fri was fairly standard for me and Mum.  Lunch with a friend from Mum's choir and her friend who's son spent a long time on St. Thomas' NICU around the same time as me.  Mum and her swapped stories and her son gave me tips on looking even more super-cute to get more cuddles and attention.  He's very good at it!  Mum and I then walked back home which was nearly 2 miles!  I was quite comfy in my buggy, Mum looked a little pink by the time we got home. 
Swimming lessons have finished for now but we all met up for a picnic in Peckham to enjoy the sunshine.  More walking for Mum as the buses were quite busy so there was no room for her, me and my buggy! 
More Gymboree on Friday.  Mum is helping me do sit ups to improve my core strength.  This will encourage me to sit up apparently.  I also decided that my feet are now interesting again so I've been holding them and lying on my back.  If I make a big effort I get onto my side and with a little help I can roll onto my tummy.  Though I'll need a bit more practice before I can do it all by myself.

On Saturday we all got in the car and went to see one of M +D's friends and her family.  Her son, Toby is a bit younger than me and they were having a barbeque to celebrate his arrival.  Lots of babies of all ages were there including one that was only 2 weeks old.  He kept himself to himself and slept most of the time.  I used the tips from William on Tuesday and looked adorable and got hugs from lots of people.  I only stealth-vomitted on Mum - well it would be rude to do it to anyone else!
Like father, like son!

Sunday - more glorious sunshine and more walking around for M+D with me in my chariot.  We went to The Hawksmoor in Covent Garden for lunch with my Godparents, Fred and Sherifa.  They all ate lots of meat whilst I had chicken mush but I got lots of hugs too.  When we walked home, we bumped into another Tommies baby, Leo and his parents.  He has grown so much and has way more hair than me.  He's rolling and trying to stand with help apparently - a lot happens in 5 months.
Loving the sunshine!

The hot weather hasn't stopped me sleeping although the number of clothes I'm in has reduced.  The weathermen are saying it will come to an end on Tuesday.  That's a shame as I like walking around in the sun with Mum.  We will have to find more indoor activities...

Bye for now,

Arthur xxx

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