Sunday, 25 September 2011

More developments!

It was a big week for me.  I turned 8 months old and had my 5 month (corrected) developmental appointment.  I also had my last swimming lesson - I am officially a duckling and have a certificate and everything!

I had a busy social schedule too.  On Monday, I met my name's sake, Arthur, and his Mum for lunch.  He is a few weeks younger than me (if I had arrived on time) but is as big as me and growing up fast!

Tuesday was coffee time with Nicola and her son.  He's older than me and can stand and feed himself and looks like a proper little boy.  I was rather jealous because he's got lots of hair and teeth too  - all the better to eat his fish finger sandwich with!

Not quite as tasty as a fish finger sandwich!

Wednesday evening, Mum left me with Dad and went to her leaving do with the other Registrars from Northwick Park.  Mum said she had a lovely time and was sad to say goodbye to her friends.  She was very touched by the good luck messages in her card and the gift they gave her.  Thank you!
Dad took me to the pub with his work colleagues. I got lots of cuddles but then it was 6 o'clock so I fell asleep. I think Dad's colleagues were rather impressed!

Thursday was a busy day - I saw my Paediatric consultant to assess my growth and development.  He was very impressed, although not so much with massive poo I did whilst he examined me!  He can't find anything wrong with my arms and legs and says I am hitting my milestones correctly at the moment.  All good!  It was then off to swimming for more underwater antics, certificates and lunch with the other mums and babies. 

Mum and I did Gymboree on Friday morning and then we went for coffee with some NCT mums in the afternoon.  All of the babies are getting very big and grown up - weaning, rolling, trying to stand and continuing to keep their mums on their toes.  I'm doing my best to catch up.

Saturday - for some reason M&D decided to have a quiet weekend. So we stayed at home. To be fair they've both looked a bit tired of late. So I tried to be extra bouncy to perk them up.
I had my first grown up meal today - M&D had had roast chicken and roast vegetables last night so Mum pureed them for me for lunch. Very nice, but too much rosemary!

New tricks - I haven't actually managed to finish any new tricks this week, sorry. I'm still working on rolling. I can do it with help, but I'm waiting until no one is watching before I do it solo. Oh, and I've grown bored of my feet.

Mummy gives good cuddles!
 love to all,

Arthur xxx

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