Saturday, 3 September 2011

A week of rest; sort of

It was a quiet start to the week with me spending lots of time with Mum at home. 

Thursday was physio day.  Mum and I got on the bus and headed to Sunshine House.  My physiotherapist was very pleased with my progress and said I was doing all the things a 4 month old baby should be doing.  She told Mum to continue with my tummy time and to help me practice sitting on my own.  In the evening, we all went to one of Dad's colleague's leaving do.  I got lots of hugs from lots of people and then we went on to have dinner with Simon and Cathrine.  I slept and slept as the physio and hugs had tired me out.

Sitting independently!

Friday was a VERY busy day.  I went to work with Dad so Mum could go to Charing Cross Hospital for a meeting about her work.  Dad introduced me to lots more people who looked after me very well.  In the meantime, Mum had a lovely meeting with the Radiologists at Charing Cross and she is getting closer to sorting out her training when she returns to work.  Mum then drove to pick me up and we got home just in time for one of Mum's friend's, Fran to visit.  She brought me a fabulous present which I wasn't sure about at first but now I have explored all the cubes and they don't make me pull such a scared face anymore!  Thank you Fran!  I was quite tired after my trip to East London with Dad and I wasn't my usual cheery self.  In fact, I was a bit crotchety and grizzly but Fran was very patient and I settled down eventually so I got a cuddle.  We were out in the evening again!  This time to our next door neighbours' Andrew and Sera.  I was SO tired I said a brief hello to everyone then went to sleep.  Their cat, Cleo kept guard in the doorway of my bedroom whilst M+D ate, drank and were generally merry with Andrew, Sera and the other guests. 

Saturday started quietly with Mum as Dad slept in.  I had a more successful fish based lunch with slightly less of it getting all over me in comparison with the last time.  I Skyped with Granny W and had chats with Dad when he got up and was a content little man all day.  M+D say we are going to have a good week this week but they won't tell me why.  They say it's a surprise.  Oh well, I'll go to bed and have a sleep and see what happens tomorrow.


love to all,

Arthur xxx

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