Sunday, 28 August 2011

A very English summer - rain!

Monday:  Lots of washing after the holiday! Turns out I was mightily tired after the trip, so I got a good night's sleep on Saturday. Then I slept almost all day on Sunday - pausing only for food, all through the night, and that was enough: I was back to my chatty, not so crotchity self.  Mum seemed very relieved as Dad was at work all day. Oh and I was 7 months old today!

Catching some zzzz

Tuesday:  Granny W. came to see me. I was on best behaviour and tried very hard to look super-extra-cute. We even had a chat, though nobody seems to understand me properly. Granny W brought me a Skwish - it is the perfect present for a teeny my age, I know this 'cos I've already got one! Sorry to Granny W, but still a very good idea. That night we went to my Uncle and Aunt's house for dinner. Mum and Dad had a yummy pasta bake - I had mango and a sleep. Toby and Julia were very impressed with my sleeping and asked if I could teach my cousins!

Wednesday: more new things - I tried fish for the first time. It's rather nice! And mum and I went to see her friend Lucy and her new (8 week old) sprog Toby. Nice chap - I tried teaching him some of my favourite tricks - but he was a bit sleepy!

First fishy meal

Thursday:  No swimming as 'half term' and Peckham pool was shut for 'alarm' reasons but went for lunch with George, Albert and Bea.  The Mums talked about 'laminated lists' and guilty crushes whatever they are!  I talked to the other babies about teething and drooling mostly with the odd tip on stealth vomiting which I've perfected.  Bea has 1 tooth already and thinks she's got more on the way.  She's got a cool giraffe to chew on but I've got Mr. Squeaker so I'm not too jealous.

Friday:  Mum went to training then ran around the house getting her paperwork sorted for a meeting at her work.  It's been 7 months since Mum stopped work and she's not got that long before she goes back so there's quite a lot of stuff to get together.  Not least, her brain! Paperwork sorted. Then she had to get a meal ready for me to eat while we were out. Paperwork sorted and meal ready. Then she had to get me into the car with all the right kit in the rain. Paperwork sorted, meal sorted and me in my seat in the car with me quite dry, her quite wet! Then she had to drive us across town to her hospital. Paperwork sorted, meal done, me in the car and one and a half hours of me screaming later - we're at Northwick Park hospital. Mum was very restrained, I thought, when she was told that we hadn't needed to go there as she was transferring to train at another hospital.Still, we got to see some of her colleagues and I got hugs from many people.  Mum seemed quite upset in the car on the way home.  I think she liked working there...
That night we had my lovely godparents P&L over for dinner. God-daddy P and I gave each other very good hugs. He's a very good hugger. I think we both felt better for them. I tried ever so hard not to stealth vonit as it's a treat I save for M+D mostly.

Saturday: M&D looked into our fridge and realised we probably couldn't all survive on wine and cheddar alone, although Dad said he's be willing to give it a go! So we all went shopping. We drove to Canary Wharf which seemed to have ever so many shops (it got quite dull after a while!). Then we came home with most of Waitrose. We had a quiet night in.

Sunday: A very nice quiet day. M&D were able to spend the whole day together. Oh and I've been introduced to Skype. So I was able to have lovely video chats with Granny W and Grandad and Granny E. This is new and looks rather fun.

Love to all,
Arthur x

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  1. Emma (MilkNoSugar on Mumsnet)28 August 2011 at 23:22

    7 months?! Blimey Arthur...where has that time gone!!

    Your an incredible little chap, you should be very proud of yourself for how far you've come (And of course, for the vomiting!!)

    I love getting a glimpse into the "world according to Arthur!" It makes my Sunday!!

    sending a big squeezy hug xxx