Sunday, 7 August 2011

Anniversaries and cracking steaks

Hello all,

I'll start where I left off last week - Sunday afternoon: we went to a surprise birthday for my godfather Fred.  We had private room at the "Hawksmoor' in Covent Garden, whose staff could not have been more helpful to me. Many thanks! Mum and Dad said they had their best steak ever.  I had cuddles from Fred, Sherifa and Rosie. 

Super-cute but a bit dribbly

And a day of many celebrations.  My grandad P's birthday, Mum and Dad's 2 year wedding anniversary and most important of all - I have spent as much time out of hospital as I have in (13 weeks and 5 days!).  Mum and I went to coffee in the afternoon and enjoyed the sunshine. Then M+D went out for a special dinner so I had the run of house with my lovely babysitter for the evening - Cat.  

They put jelly on my tummy. Not for me to eat but for a ultrasound scan of my kidneys. No change really.  My right kidney is still twice the size of the left but nothing new there so we will wait until the kidney doctors see me in October.
In the evening we had a barbeque with Cathrine, Fred and Sherifa.  Dad was a 'man' and built the barbeque then made fire and incinerated some meat.  It was very tasty apparently but I went to sleep quite early as it was very hot and the scan had tired me out.

Even hotter! Mum and I went to Greenwich to meet one of her friends, Emily, and her daughter, Alicja.  She was born a week before me and is also weaning steadily.  She is much bigger than me  but Mum said this is allowed as she is supposed to be 6 months old not 3 like me so I'm not too worried.  We had lunch then wandered around Greenwich park.

Lovely views and Mum and Emily had an ice cream - Alicja and I looked super cute but to no avail.  No treats for us!

Me trying to spot an Ice cream - Alicja less bothered!
Rain!!! So it cooled down a bit. I went to physio - learning new tricks and consolidating old ones.  She was very pleased with my progress particularly when I didn't scream when she put me on my tummy and showed Mum how to help me practice sitting. I have to learn to hold onto my feet. I'm not sure it's comfy.
Swimming - more underwater swimming but this time Mum was in charge of holding on to me.  She did rather well and I quite enjoyed it.  Well, I didn't cry too much anyway.

What a busy day. First - Gymboree.  Managed to stay awake for the whole session this time.  We played with tamborines, maracas and we sang songs. 
Then Mum's friend Emma and her dog, Winston, came for lunch. Not sure I like dogs.
Then Mum and I went to see Jude, Jonathan and their new baby, Rory.  He was asleep for the time we were there - well he has only just been born! Mum said he was very light in comparison with me (half my weight actually).  I was super-cute and smiled a lot to show them what Rory will be doing very soon!
Then we all went for dinner with friends of M+D, Marcus and Sophie.  Their son, Robin, was one of my neighbours at Chelsea.  He has grown even more since Mum and I last saw him back in June. He is catching up with me and fast! I think it was good for M+D to catch up with parents who have had a similar experience.  They talked alot, laughed alot and ate alot!  Robin and I slept alot.

Lunch with Grandad and Granny E.  I smiled and chatted to them and they gave me good hugs in return. 

DIY for Dad and playing with my hands for me. Thank you to Sandra for my new curtains.  M+D had fun putting them up!  They match my wardrobe doors and brighten up the room a treat!
I think I have had a busy week - I got rather tired and emotional this evening. Mum was very good with me as I screamed all the way through her attempts to feed me yoghurt. I'm going to go to bed early, so bye bye for now.

Beautiful curtains - huge thanks! (Look closely and you can see my feet!)
Love to all,
Arthur xx

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