Sunday, 31 July 2011

Don't take a buggy to Hamley's

Another busy week for me.

Monday: Mental note to all Mums out there: don't go to Hamleys (big toy store on Regents Street) with a buggy on the first day of the Summer holidays when it's 26 degrees - no airconditioning, tiny gaps between shelves, hundreds of people, staff playing with toys looking like their jobs depend on it. We ran away toyless. And whilst I'm on shops: why are the lifts hidden away in the back of the shop and why are they so small?!
I had my first yoghurt today - strawberry.  Yummy!

Tuesday: Mum and I went to Gymboree: we sang songs, I had tummy time - I wasn't absolutely sure this was for me so I fell asleep! I seem to do this in public places - see swimming last week.

Do not disturb

Wednesday: 3 months old corrected - time flies.  Mum will probably be heading back to work in 3 months.  Eeek.  Tried to get to a meeting at Mum's work to sort out Mummy still having 2 days a week at home for me. We got into the car and then got stuck in traffic so had to turn back.  Quite annoying given the fuss surrounding getting me into a car with my kit.

Mum is feeling a bit low at the moment and is finding it difficult to stay motivated with her training.  I think she's feeling a little bit trapped. Getting out of the house if I've had a bad night is very hard and she can't go running with me as the buggy doesn't have the right suspension apparently.  Hmmm. I suspect all Mummys go through this phase, but I'm trying to do my bit by being extra cute and smiley. I hope it helps.

Dinner with P&L - yummy as always to see our dear friends who, along with so many others, have helped M+D through such a difficult start to the year.

Thursday: Went swimming. Didn't fall asleep!  Did my first underwater swim and didn't cry, so well done me.  Mum and I then went for lunch with some of the other swimming Mums.  Their babies were born in April so they are the same age as me, corrected.  And we all look roughly the same size and shape. Of course I am unique and utterly special in every way but I'm also glad I blend into the crowd quite well. 

Friday: Went shopping with Mum and may have looked so super-cute that she bought me some more clothes.  Mum pureed more food for me - yummy sweet potato and roasted red peppers. I'm a Waitrose child(!)
Mum went out for the evening leaving me under the watchful eye of Dad.  The house was still standing on her return - Dad looked a little frazzled. Frankly I think it's up to me when I choose to have a tantrum, and if it lasts all evening, humour me.
A brief moment of calm whilst I help Dad get the bottle in the right place

Saturday: Something seemed to be wrong with Mummy. She stayed in bed and blamed the "Cosmopolitans". I don't know who they are but I don't think it was nice of them to make my Mummy sick. Dad fed me breakfast of mango yoghurt. You can judge the success of this for yourselves:

More yoghurt made it into my tummy.  Honest!

Then we all went out to see Jill the owner of the Curwen and New Academy gallery in Bloomsbury. The gallery is Dad's favourite and Jill has given me very beautiful picture as a "hello" pressie. It was lovely to meet her and say thank you in person.

Sunday: Happy third birthday to my cousin Lydia! And a message to Katie, who was such a fabulous babysitter - well done on your new baby boy but, speaking as a fellow baby, ten days is long enough: he deserves a name now!

Dad read me "the Hungry Caterpillar" - the originally one with the holes (thank you to Dad's godmother Pippa). I like the hungry caterpillar, he's funny.

Apparently you want to read my little updates during Sunday - so I'll post this now but I'll have to tell you about this afternoon's party next week - remind me.

Love to all,
Arthur xx

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