Sunday, 3 July 2011

Eh up me duck!

Evening one and all! 

It's that time again. Another birthday has been and gone, I celebrated my 2 month (since due-date) birthday on Monday and celebrated by going to Kensington to meet one of Mum's friends and her new puppy.  We had a picnic in Hyde Park.  It was very sunny so Mum kept me sheltered in my carrycot.  She didn't follow her own advice and got pink shoulders! Winston, the puppy was very cute and even smaller than me!  He has more hair though.  I got a present too.  Emma's mum and members of the Danish Church have been busy sewing and have made me a beautiful quilt.  Thank you!

On Wednesday Mum and I went for coffee with some Mums and Dads from the area.  They talked about the really important stuff like poo, sleeping, weaning and growing out of clothes too quickly.  Mum and I then braved Ikea (again).  This time for a bookcase.  This only weighed 20kg in comparison with the chest of drawers we bought last time that weighed 35kg!  That's 7 times my weight!  Mum and I were successful in our trip and got it into the car again and into the house at the other end.  The A team strikes again!
More smiling going on!

Thursday was an exciting day.  Mum and I picked up her new car.  It's very shiny and much quicker than her old one. I'm clinging on for dear life as she gets used to its acceleration!  In the evening we all went for dinner at James and Cat's.  They have 2 kittens called Mops and Tom.  They are almost as cute as me but not quite!

Friday was also busy - the pace of modern life is sooo hectic.  Dad went to work and Mum ran up and down the stairs a lot putting things into bags.  She then put all of it into the car, squeezed me in, and off we went to collect Dad and we all sat in the car for four hours on a car park called the M1.  This was my first night away from home (or hospital).  We stayed with friends near Leicester on Friday and I was my usual super-cute, fairly angelic self.  Ben and Sam have 3 children of their own but they are bigger than me.  I'll keep growing as fast as I can to catch up with them and then I'll be able to play with them in their lovely garden.

A total of nine hours sat here this weekend!

Saturday was more travelling.  This time to Ashbourne, where Mum comes from.  People in Derbyshire say 'luv' and 'duck' a lot.  We came to see Granny W, Grandad P and Nana and we stayed in a hotel nearby.  M+D and Granny W had dinner and I joined them but I slept 'cos I don't like wine.  Sunday lunch with Grandad P and Nana was also lovely.  We ate in the garden and heard the local band playing to celebrate the Ashbourne Festival.  Grandad P said it was the first time it hadn't rained for it!  My Aunty Jayne had bought me a hat from Majorca. It has a happy monster on it.  Thank you!
Contemplative cuddles with Granny W

Proud Mummy

 Another update is that I have started solids!  Now, I now I may only be small and technically 2 months old but my gut is now 5 months old and has been having milk for quite a long time now and I'm beginning to get a bit bored of it.  Mum went to Tommies to have a lesson on when and how to do it and now I've tried sweet potato, pear, apple, banana, carrot and parsnip.  The last 2 I'm not so keen on but I've been polishing off whole portions of the rest.  Yummy!  Mum and Dad are getting better at getting more in my mouth the more they do it and the dirty bib and muslin quota has increased significantly.  I try to help but I seem to get puree on my hands and then up my nose.  I'll keep trying.

Not such a fan of carrot!

We were so busy, we missed the tennis.  Well done to Djokovic and Kvitova - very good Scrabble scores, both of them.

Love to all,

Arthur xxx

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