Sunday, 26 June 2011

Presents! Weekly update

I know I've already updated on Wednesday but here is the weekly roundup.

On Friday Mum and I went to Northwick Park so Mum could have a chat about going back to work and have another look at my kidneys. One of the Consultants also had a look and agreed with the Consultant at Tommies that my right kidney is almost twice the length of the left.  He said there are lots of causes and that I may need more tests but that the Nephrologists (kidney doctors) will make that decision.

One of my neighbours from Chelsea was also at Northwick for an appointment, so Mum and I met him and his parents for a catch up. It was lovely to see them and my little ex-neighbour has grown so much since our time in hospital. We swapped tips on parent training so I will practice some of his ideas soon.

In the evening, my god parents, Fred and Sherifa came for dinner. It must have been a good dinner because they stayed for breakfast!  Fred helped feed me and Sherifa helped wind me. They give good cuddles and make M+D smile and laugh which is nice.

Yesterday we went shopping.  First we went to look at sofas near Heathrow, then we went to look at new cars for Mum and Dad.  We now have 2 cars but no sofas!  Mum's new car is a Jaguar estate so my buggy can fit in the back, and it goes quick enough to keep her happy.  It has quite a lot of toys but Dad's has got more. Dad says that his car has DVD players in the back for me and even electric seats for me to irritate M&D by fiddling with them when I'm older. 
Today we went to a party in North London and met some of Dad's friends from work.  The weather held out and I was super-cute (as always) and got lots of cuddles.  I got a present too.  A machine that will make food for me when I'm ready for weaning.  I did my first PROPER smiling!  Not at M or D but at Megan, who I met at the party.  She's a year or so older than me but a girl's a girl. Still, at least M+D have seen me smile properly now. It seemed to make them very happy!



Then we went to Kew to listen to a choir that Mum sings in. I stayed quiet for the whole thing and got more cuddles from some of Mum's fellow singers.

Bye for another week.

Love to all,
Arthur xxx

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  1. Greetings from Norway, looking forward to seeing you all next week. xx