Sunday, 12 June 2011

Weekly round up - 20 weeks

This Saturday I turned 20 weeks old!  And I now weight nearly 4.5kg.

It's been a busy time since my last blog - nearly a week! I'm going to aim to post a weekly update every weekend from now on, unless something really exciting happens obviously!
Still got it!

On Wednesday my overnight download was looked at by the doctors and nurses.  It was 'OK' but not great so I have to do another one next week but remain off oxygen.  The Outreach team haven't got rid of me just yet.  That evening, M+D had a night out and I wasn't invited.  Cue 'the babysitter'!!  Along came Katie for the evening.  She already has a little girl and another small on the way so M+D knew I was in safe hands.  I was on best behaviour and ate and slept and didn't pee on her.  M+D had a lovely time with their friends Simon and Cathrine and Dad now knows he likes gulls' eggs on a bed of Wagu beef tartare (raw!) with truffle shavings. Sounds horrid to me!

Thursday was fairly uneventful minus the odd 'poo disaster'.  Currently I am saving up my poos for truely spectacular results every other day or so.  I like to catch M+D off guard, usually once I've already been changed.  Hee hee.
Message to Mum - I still need to grow into these

Mum got up early on Friday to go running.  She is trying to get back to her pre-pregnancy, or rather pre-Chelsea ITU figure.  There is a Carluccio's opposite the hospital which became a favourite for M+D and other parents whilst I was there.  Dangerous!  Her friend, Cat is a personal trainer, and is helping Mum achieve her goals.  So far she has lost over 5 inches (Mum doesn't like weighing herself), which is truely fantastic.  Well done Mum and thank you Cat!

Friday night was party night.  M+D's nextdoor neighbour had a birthday party so we went round to say hello.  I met lots of new people and practised looking maximally cute - and I'm getting very good at it.

Saturday was a busy day.  My passport arrived (so now I can escape the country and come back) along with some gifts including a lovely blanket from Jo; a rocket, champagne and some super clothes from Simon, Lucy and their 2 sons Jamie and Oscar.  We did more family stuff and went to look at sofas.  We sat on lots of different ones, looked at lots of fabric and I didn't puke on any of them.  Well done me.  The travelling and being carried around allowed me to sleep quite a bit and M+D then paid the price for this in the evening. I was awake!  Mum tried to settle me by cuddling me and when that didn't work she held me and bounced on her big purple Swiss ball.  This is normally the magic trick to get me to settle but even that didn't work.  Dad tried swaddling me and jiggling me.  In the end (2 hours later) I had a drink of boiled water and some Calpol and eventually settled.  Phew!
Dancing with Daddy

M+D and I slept in this morning then it was out to look at more sofas!  More sitting and walking around and comparing fabrics.  Yawn.  I didn't sleep as much this time so M+D are hoping I'll sleep a bit better tonight.  I'll see how I feel.....

Love to all,
Arthur x
How cute are my feet!!!

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