Sunday, 19 June 2011

Weekly round up - Fathers' Day

Happy Fathers' Day to all those dads out there.

I gave Dad a card and 2 books for him to read to me.  One suitable for now.  One which Mum says is a bit rude but reflects parenthood quite well.  Feel free to look up a book written by Adam Mansbach and Ricardo Cortes.
This week has been fairly busy.  Not only have I continued with my feeding, pooing, sleeping and gaining weight  but I have also been out and about.
Hello fans!
My download was better than last week so I remain in air all the time and will see the Consultant at Tommies next week.  No one seems worried that things will change but the oxygen concentrator and cylinders etc will stay with me for at least 3 months just in case I take a turn for the worse.  I could get a cold or a cough I suppose.

Mum met up with 2 friends who are both expecting little boys.  More playmates for me.  Lucy's little one is cooked and her and her husband are playing the waiting game.  Jude has a bit longer to go. I suppose I can be patient and wait for new friends to arrive.

On Monday, Mum and I went to meet some more new mums from our area.  One of the other Tommies' mums introduced us to the group.  There were babies my age and a bit older.  It seems all mums, whether their babies are premature or not, have similar worries about bottle vs breast, different routines, different nappies/teats/dummies etc.  Mum says she will take me there again next week so I can talk to the other babies about training Mums and Dads and lulling them into false senses of security with sleeping through the night.  I have SO many tips to pass on...

Mum continues her training and did a 8k run on Tuesday night.  She left me with Dad and his friend Laurence.  He has two children himself so he's very good at cuddles, and he gave me 2012 Olympic baby grows.  Super-cool.  Thank you.  Mum was a bit quiet when she came back from her run and she said it was a bit further than she'd been expecting! But that she was glad she had done it.

Wednesday night was another first for me.  M+D went out to a restaurant again - but this time no babysitter (pity, I liked her) - I came too. Fortunately M&D's friends were very child friendly and kept me amused through dinner.

Regular readers will know I have already been to Mum's work.  Well I was born there! But I have been back since then too.  So, this Friday I went to Dad's work at the Homerton.  Mum drove me there and I stayed with Dad whilst she went and did the weekly shop.  Dad's work colleagues all said hello and I got lots of cuddles from lots of people.  I was super cute (as always).  I keep almost smiling and then converting the expression into a yawn or wind. I know, I'm a bit naughty but it keeps everyone on their toes...
Still looking!
Yesterday we all went to see the Grandparents E in the country.  It rained a lot so we stayed indoors and watched the ducks and swallows playing in the rain from the cosy indoors.  M+D filled the car with lots of boxes.  They seemed very pleased about this, but not as pleased as Grandad and Granny E ...  When we got home, Dad unpacked these boxes and proudly announced that the last of their wedding presents have now been unpacked and can now be used.  Yippee.  It's only taken them 18 months!

Today we went to Windsor with M+D's friends, Simon and Cathrine.  We went to watch the polo at The Royal Guards Polo Club.  I slept quite a bit but M+D enjoyed themselves.  It was our first polo match and it was very exciting. I hope I can learn to ride when I'm bigger. A very important woman called Brenda was there - we had to stand up for the National Anthem when she arrived. She didn't look much taller than me, nicer hat though.
Note my teeny guardsman on my top. V patriotic.
Happy families

And now to bed. I have finally trained my lovely if dozy parents. And by putting me down as soon as I start to grizzle at 8ish, I go to sleep within about 15 mins. When I wake up again - well that's still very much up to me!

Love to all,
Arthur x

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