Sunday, 5 June 2011

British Barbeque weather!

Whilst yesterday was gloriously sunny, today was not so bright but in true British style, M+D and I went to a barbeque over in East London to see one of Dad's friends and his family.  His youngest is 12 months old and is MUCH bigger than me. I can't imagine how I'm going to get that big in 11months but I'll give it a go none the less.

Yesterday, I saw both sets of God parents.  First was Fred and Sherifa on the Southbank which was lovely, if a little hot.  M+D kept the sun off me with a muslin.  These bits of cloth are proving very useful indeed.  As are clothes pegs.  They have helped hold my oxygen tubing snug in my buggy, have held muslins over my carrycot to shield me from the sun and held my picture books against the walls of my carrycot to prevent them attacking me!

Next, were P and L.  It was P's birthday so they held a dinner to celebrate.  Everyone had a lovely time and I was angelic.  That was my birthday present to Uncle P.

This evening, I have been utterly adorable.  Looking intently at Dad and trying ever so hard to smile.  I can do one side or the other but not both at the same time.  Nearly there.

Muslin used as pillow!

On a slightly more bothersome note, I haven't had a poo for 2 days.  I have been farting and my tummy is soft and I'm still hungry and feeding well but no results of my food intake have appeared in my nappies.  This is beginning to annoy me so I have been grizzling all evening.  M+D are watching closely and making sure I am not dehydrated.  Watch this space or nappy as the case may be.

A big thank you to Jean, Brian, Pat and Laura for their lovely presents.  Also, thank you to whoever sent me the Sleep Sheep.  There was no note with it and M+D are pretty sure they didn't order it themselves!

Peaceful for now....

Love to all,

Arthur xxx

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