Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!

It was a double birthday for me today.

I turned 8 weeks old from my due date and a whopping 5 months since I was born.  Yes folks, I'm THAT old!

To celebrate, I had my final download overnight and then visited one of the Respiratory Consultants at the Evelina Children's Hospital at Tommies.  She said I looked very well 'like a normal baby' with no signs of breathing problems and a brilliant download.  So, I stay off the oxygen and am discharged from a lung point of view.  She said there was no reason I can't fly as I'm well and not on oxygen and that I can learn to swim soon too!  It also means that I am discharged from the Outreach team.  No more home visits from the helpful Outreach nurses.  I will now be under the care of the normal Health visitor from my GP practice. 

In case this meant that fewer doctors would see me, I threw a spanner in the works.  I had an ultrasound of my kidneys on Monday to see if there was anything structural that may have caused my urinary tract infection I had in May.

The Radiology Consultant did my scan with 2 registrars watching (well 3 if you count Mum).   My right kidney looked lovely according to Mum and the Consultant but my left looked a bit small and 'dysplastic' or 'not normal'.  Humph.

This is unlikely to cause me any harm but my kidneys had looked normal during mum's antenatal scans so something probably happened after I'd been born.  So I will be referred to the Nephrologists to check I'm alright from a kidney point of view.  More appointments...

I now weigh 4.94kg and measure 55.5cm from head to toe.  This puts me on the 50th centile - nice and average.

Overall, a good birthday.  More news on Sunday.

Love to all,

Arthur xxx

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