Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Lovely visits from 2 out of 3 grannies this week. Many thanks for coming. Sorry that I cried all the way through one of you and slept all the way through the other!

Cuddles with Granny W
And I've certainly noticed a change in M&D since our collective visit to the specialist. They're just more chilled and a bit more casual with me. I have decided to reward this good behaviour with some of my own. I ahev been looking around much more purposefully, and following things and people which interest me. I also slept almost all the way through last night.

I know, I spoil them, I really do.

Other news:
Feeding                     tick
Peeing                       tick
Pooing                       tick
Out-growing  clothes  tick
Looking cute              tick
Job done.

'You looking at me?'
And a huge thank you to you, my lovely readers. You've looked me up from 60 countries and have clicked on my blog over 75,000 times. I hope you're enjoying my life as much as I am!

Love to all,
Arthur x

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