Sunday, 17 July 2011

Great British Weather

Evening all!

Another fabulous week in the British Summer and it was wetter than Norway!

Forgot to put this in last week - Me on the plane!

Mum and I had a fairly stress free week.  Dad went to work - slightly more stressful apparently.

On Wednesday, we went for coffee with other mums and babies from the area.  More baby chat (poo, weaning, sleeping, going back to work etc). 

Thursday was appointment day.  We all went to see the Neonatal Consultant to assess my development.  I was a bit tired so didn't really feel like smiling but I had a go at rolling and would have almost managed it if there hadn't been sides on the changing mat!  I now weigh 5.46kg and am 58cm tall.  All good and showing that I'm eating enough and that the weaning is working.  I have to see him again in September but he is happy with my progress and cannot find anything wrong with me at the moment.  Good good.  M+D seemed very happy indeed!

I can smile when I want to!

Mum and I went shopping on Friday to buy Dad a present.  They have been married for 2 years this year and so they are getting presents for each other.  We got Dad the Savoy Hotel book of cocktail recipes, an original from 1930.  That's 81 years old! Dad said it was one of his best pressie's ever - clever Mummy!

Saturday was really rainy so we went for a picnic, naturally.  We went to Wendover Woods to meet up with the Classic Car Club guys for a barbeque/picnic.  The sun came out as we arrived and Dad played some cricket (he took his first ever wicket!) and Mum took me for a walk with Poppy and Lily.  They pushed me round and gave me hugs which were very snuggly.

Sheltering with my new friends!

In the evening we went to friends for a fun poker night.  Mum hasn't played poker before and lost all her money.  Fortunately, Dad is better and made a £5 win.  It was good to see their friends Pieter and Nell and their friends David and Catherine too.  I slept upstairs for most of it but not before I saw the view of Canary Wharf from the flat.  Very pretty.

Today was a day of rest.  I am now on 3 solid feeds a day so Mum pureed a lot of stuff for me.  I get to try swede, peas and broccoli next week.  Currently banana and mango are my favourite fruits and I now like carrot when it's mixed with other veg.  I also tried sitting in my Bumbo now my head control is good.  I like looking round from my new position.  It makes me feel very grown up.  Mum didn't leave me in there for too long as she was a bit worried so I had a lie down on my playmat too.  Dad helped tidy up so now the hall is clear and my buggy can get into the house more easily.  Mum did more washing too as I am growing so fast that lots of my clothes don't fit me so the bigger ones have been brought out and made clean for me. 

All grown up!

Next week has me going to clinics and for my first swimming lesson. I'll let you know how they go next weekend. We are also meeting lots of friends for dinners - support for M&D and more hugs and attention for me!

Love to all,

Arthur xxxx

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