Sunday, 24 July 2011

Happy birthday to me!

Good afternoon everyone.

I know I get a week older every week; which is not surprising, but this Friday I celebrated my 6 month birthday.  No presents (tisk) but my parents did get me my BCG vaccination against TB.  Not quite what I was hoping for!

It was a busy week for me.  
Monday - coffee with twins, Ethan and Caleb and their mum Heather.   

I should have had an ultrasound on Tuesday, but Mum forgot!  Naughty Mummy!  I do have quite a lot of appointments on lots of different days and Mum has received reminders for the other ones but not for this one so it's not all that surprising that it got away.  Oops.

Wednesday was a day of rest for me and Mum so we stayed at home. 

I had my first swimming lesson on Thursday.  I took it in my stride and was so comfortable, I fell asleep whilst in the pool!  Mum was a bit embarrassed but it was my nap time and the water was nice and warm.  We did try some swimming.  Mum held me in the water and kept saying 'kick, kick, kick' whilst pulling me through the water.  I will kick my legs when I choose to not when you want me to, thank you.  Mum had training with Cat.  I helped by providing 5.5kg of baby to lift.  Mum can now get into her PP(pre-pregnancy) jeans.  This is apparently a BIG deal!  Well done Mum and well done Cat.

Who's a happy boy then!

Friday was SUPER busy.  Mum went training in the morning, Dad went to work, Mum and I drove to Northwick Park to drop off books for another registrar, did shopping, packed for the weekend, had my vaccination and then drove to collect Dad from work.  We then headed off for the weekend in Norfolk.  Phew!  M+D were are little worried the traffic would be horrid but once we were out of London we made good time and got to Erika and Rupert's in plenty of time for dinner.

I met Erika, Rupert and their children - Sarah, Crawford, Martin, Ellie, Bethan and Angus.  We went for a walk to the Broads nearby and saw swans and the grown-ups drank coffee; brewed fresh in the back of a tiny smart car (really) as it wasn't very warm even though it's July.  On Saturday afternoon we went to look at paintings in Norwich Castle.  Dad tried me facing outwards in the Baby Bjorn so I could have a look too.  I coped really well and didn't fall forward once.  I also started playing with toys with more purpose this weekend.  I held onto my firefly toy in the car and Angus showed me another toy with wooden bars and string that I held onto and moved around by myself.  This seemed to please M+D no end.

Holding on!

Now we are back in London and I am having my evening sleep having stopped being a vegetarian by eating chicken and sweet potato for dinner.  I am doing really well with my weaning and Mum is getting more adventurous with my food.  Bring it on.

Next week I turn 3 months old corrected so another birthday!  I will try looking super cute and see if I can get cake.  I'll let you know how I get on.

love to all,

Arthur xxx

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  1. Hi Arthur,

    Albert here from swimming. I thought I should write something because my mummy has spent the last hour or so paying me NO attention and reading all about you instead. She kept saying 'incredible' and looking like she had something in her eye. Mums can be so embarassing sometimes.

    Nice to hear that you're doing well now, but to me you're just like all of my other friends. See you on Thursday for more kick kick kick!

    Albert x