Sunday, 14 August 2011

Mindless actions

Dad was on the phone a lot last night as his hospital was so close to the riots in Hackney.  Their Emergency department was treating both rioters and police.  Mum was very worried that Dad would have to go in and help therefore having to drive through the violence but the staff worked very hard and Dad didn't have to go in overnight.  Phew, and thank you! 

The rioting has calmed down but police cars and vans continue to race past the house with their sirens blaring.  This is fine if we are all awake but not so cool when I am trying to sleep!

I visited my Health Visitor on Wednesday and got weighed again - 5.94kg.  I am still progressing along 25th centile and still growing out of clothes at a steady rate.

My first nappy (not used!) and my current nappy with Mum's phone as size comparison.

Swimming on Thursday.  I seem to be getting the hang of the underwater swimming thing and Mum is very good at helping me.  We did 'piggy back' swimming this week with me floating on Mum's back whilst she swam along.  Very cool.  I chatted away to her telling her how much I was enjoying it but I don't think she completely understood and we got out of the pool too soon.  Mum did say she would teach Dad how to swim with me so that will be good.  I won't be at swimming next week but I promise I'll practice in the meantime so Albert, George, Olive, Daisy and Beatrice won't get too far ahead!

After swimming we went to Chelsea and Westminster to see the Chaplain there.  M+D want to have a service there to celebrate ME as my baptism was a bit rushed when I was 3 days old!  A date has been set and Dad is sorting out the food and drink.

Yesterday, Mum and I went out to Gymboree.  I  wasn't really in the mood and was a bit grouchy but Mum jiggled me and sang to me and I calmed down.  We then went to a hairdressers for Mum (I don't have enough hair to 'dress' yet).  We were there for quite a long time and Mum looked quite different when we left.  She kept playing with her hair and when we got home Dad seemed a bit surprised but in a good way.  Photos to follow.

Today we are tidying and sorting out the house, it is weekend after all.  Washing all my bibs, muslins and clothes is a big task now I'm eating solids.  Mum has taken to feeding me with no top on as cleaning me is easier!

Top on pre-feed

Dad is making a book of my blog.  He is spending a lot of time tapping away at his computer.  I don't think he is paying me enough attention and have told him as much!  He says he can't quite believe the journey we have been on or how he and Mum wrote the blog during the very dark times but that he is very pleased they did as we have a record of my first months.  M+D both agree they have difficulty remembering exactly what happened as their brains have intentionally filed those memories far away.

They are enjoying the good experiences all the more.  This week I have learned two new tricks. The first is that I've found my voice. And I rather like it. So I'm making happy babbling gurgling noises at any excuse. And secondly, I'm playing with my toys using my hands to explore and manipulate them.  The concentration on my face is very cute apparently!

Hang on...where's the other one? 

love to all,

Arthur xxx

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