Monday, 22 August 2011

Wine, Toblerone and teething

Well it's been a busy old week. And yet I've been sat on my bum for most of it. We've been on a big European road trip and now, 1350 miles later, I'm home again.

On Sunday it was the start of my long trip and time to get used to my car seat. Mum has decorated it with a happy bug and a jangly star. I kept my eyes on them, and they seemed to follow me all over Europe! We started by driving to Kent and through the Eurotunnel. I was allowed out for cuddles while the car was on the train but the crossing was so quick I was straight back in my seat until lunch. Me and Dad and their friends Simon and Cathrine had a lovely lunch in an old Monastery. I was good as gold for two courses and then realised I wasn't getting any of the food. It only took the briefest of squeaks to get Dad to take me out to the garden and feed me. The training is working well. After lunch we drove down to Reims and spent the night in a lovely hotel there.
Do not try this trick as a grown up

Monday was a French bank holiday in August. Nothing in the world is as closed as France during the summer bank holiday. So we enjoyed a gentle saunter down to Burgundy. Lots more time in the car seat but M&D were very good about me getting food at my mealtimes. Mummy had her first ever drive on the wrong side of the road - because Daddy was driving Simon's car. Apparently this was a big deal as it was a Ferrari. Dad seemed very happy and Mum didn't crash and only drove on the UK side once, much squeaking from me and Cathrine in the back!

I wasn't allowed in the silver one!
That night I had a babysitter who kept bouncing me (is it too much to ask to be allowed to sleep!). Mum and Dad had a comedy Maitre-D'. Apparently he tried to give Mum the wrong food 3, yes three times. Then threw an almighty wobbler (worthy of me, if I may say so) when M&D asked if they were going to be charged for this wrong meal. Oops.

Tuesday was the big tasting day. Now I know nothing about wine but apparently it's a sort of milk for grown ups. Though I overheard so much I reckon I'm now a bit of an expert. I'd recommend Pooleenie Morashay, since you ask.  M&D and S&C went to three different tastings. They tried 24 different wines in the course of the day and spat most of it out. Seems a waste if you ask me. I had a good look at the barrels and stuff. It was nearly interesting. Then we went to another hotel, the Lameloise in Chagny. This was really super and Mum and Dad had their first ever 3 star Michelin dinner. Apparently it was rather good!

Note Mum's haircut!
Simon, Mum and Cathrine

Wednesday - we left France and drove down to Switzerland. Dad was super careful as he had been told how tough the Swiss police are with speeding. Mum was driving the Ferrari. We couldn't keep up!

Thursday - the weather in Switzerland was simply gorgeous. So we took a brisk walk 3000ft up the Alps, with everyone taking it in turns to carry me. We had a lovely lunch on a meadow and I decided to spread my food over everything in sight. Happy day!

Swiss Alps behind me and Cathrine

Friday - and the start of the drive back. We went back over the Alps on the back roads, and down through the Jura. Dad got us a bit lost briefly and I had a very messy lunch at the cutest pavement cafe by the river in Besancon. I have perfected the art of the strop whilst being fed in public. Mum and Dad are very patient! We drove up as far as Epernay for the night. A lovely quiet night followed by the biggest breakfast M&D could eat - fuel for the final push.

Three arty photos from Dad:


Saturday - we drove back up to Calais being very careful not to speed, given the French police love to book Brits rushing back for the Eurotunnel (A staggeringly efficient service, by the way - Dad). I had a quick lunch and nappy change on the boot of the Jag, and then back in my car seat for the short run into London. It was pouring with rain to welcome us!
We went straight up to Finsbury Park to see Katie, who was my lovely first babysitter and has now had a second baby of her own. I met the rest of her family and the new baby - nearly as cute as me, but still waiting for a name!

And lastly today, Sunday. A day of rest in the main. My lovely god parents P&L came round for lunch. I was a bit out of sorts. P&L and M&D all seem in agreement that I'm teething. I realise I'm drooling a lot but I can't help it. I'm also putting anything I can reach in my mouth. Apparently this teething malarky can take a while. I hope not, 'cos it's not been much fun today.

Now, during all this I've been trying out some new stuff. As mentioned, I'm grabbing things and trying to chew them. I've not really got the hang of this yet, but it's a start. I'm also getting chatty - sadly M&D don't seem to understand my simple requests but I'm sure they'll learn. And on top of all that I'm always learning new facial expressions - they're great fun. So much to do!

Love to all,
Arthur  x

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