Sunday, 18 September 2011

I do

We returned from holiday on Wednesday evening.  I was beautifully behaved on the return flight as well although a little louder than the outward bound flight.  Again, Mum didn't get any rest as she said she wanted to make sure I wasn't crying too much and disturbing the other passengers.  She was tired by the time we got home having been up for over 24 hours!

Thursday was swimming - no lion fish, inflatable rings or Dad but I did go underwater and Mum was taught to let go of me for a brief moment underwater so I could float on my own!  We then popped to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital to say hello to some of the staff on the NICU and to see if they remembered me.  They all recognised Mum but couldn't believe how big I've become!  I got a hug from the nurses who first looked after me all those months ago when I weighed just 950g.  They said that I must weigh over 6kg now but Mum hasn't weighed me for a while.  Naughty Mummy...

M+D had just about unpacked from our holiday, and most of the washing had been done, when we were off again.  This time to Dorset. It took FOUR hours to drive down with London traffic and several people having driven into each other on the way. Fortunately I'm a very good traveller and even managed to have my dinner in my car seat. M&D had a nice dinner - and recommend Plumber Manor.

Saturday was my first wedding. This was for Mum's friend, Cat and her pilot hubby James.  Cat looked beautiful and only cried a little.  I looked cute, babbled during the quiet bits and only threw up over Mum twice during the ceremony!  James (the groom) was wearing a skirt but apparently that's what Scottish men wear. It's very confusing.  I got more hugs from Mum's friends and then slept in the evening in my little portable tent, inside Cat and James' big white tent, whilst M+D did Scottish reeling!  M+D had such a good time they didn't take any photos but I think other people may have taken a few so Cat and James don't need to worry.

On Sunday, I met Dad's godmother and gave her lots of yummy cuddles. I tried one stealth vomit but she was too quick for me and I only managed to get my own top! Humph!  More driving back to London for a late lunch with my swimming buddies and their Ms and Ds.  It was quite loud and distracting for us babies and all the driving had made me a bit fractious so after food and a bit of chat, M+D took me home for an early night.

To make up for the lack of photos, here's a liittle video of me being tickled! (Sorry for the lack of editing but I start giggling 10 seconds in...)

Love to all,
Arthur x

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