Sunday, 4 November 2012


Very sorry we're running late this month. I've been a bit under the weather lately - nothing too serious: snuffles and industrial quantities of snot; but I passed it on to Mummy (it's good to share, and all that) and so things slowed down a bit.

Anyway - here's a round up of the October news.
Mum ran her half marathon round the parks of London. She'd told Daddy she'd take about 2 and a half hours and did it in 2hrs 30mins and 9 secs which is rather impressive if you knew she'd done no training! And she only needed to walk for a teeny bit (hardly at all) - so that's good. Daddy and I were in support mode; walking all over Hyde park to make sure we saw Mummy in three different places. I clapped and looked extra-cute to help. Thanks to you lovely people Mummy raised a total of £600 for Bliss. Big big thank you to all of you!!! I think Mummy may be planning to run the London Marathon when I am 3 years old - she may need your help!

I can walk. I don't, obviously. But if someone holds onto my hands, and I like them, and I'm in the right mood then I can walk. This seems to make M&D very excited so they keep standing me up. And I keep sitting back down - one doesn't want to rush these things.

I've learned to sit up from lying and roll over whenever I want. This means I can now get from flat to mobile. Whilst this is clearly brilliant, it does have its downside - I have fallen off the bed. I seem to bounce though.

I can count to two. Strictly speaking I can count "two" as I'm not really interested in single things. I can also say 'purple, bubble, tato (potato), nana (banana), nigh nigh and blueberry'. I also continue to talk constantly but my parents just can't work out what I'm saying. This is really stupid of them as I keep repeating myself to make it easier.

I have 16 (yes 16) teeth now and still seem to get new ones. They're really sore to make. but they do make toast easier. I like toast. I also like Nutella. You can make a fantastic mess with nutella. I have also realised that some foods taste yummy (nutella, toast, yogurt, banana, peas and smoothies) and others don't (everything else). Why on earth does anyone eat the non-yummy foods? I am trying to make my preferences known - spitting food out, hurling it to the floor and generally shouting, but they still keep giving me the wrong things. They really are hopeless, still persistence should win this game.

I can draw. Well to be fair, I can make marks with pens or crayons. Now I don't know if you've ever tried drawing when you're 2 foot nothing and sat on the floor - but it's much easier to draw on vertical surfaces than on paper on the floor. Oh, and the pens taste delicious. This tends to lead to Mummy chasing after me to clear up and me with pen all over my face.

God parent dinners:
My god-parents are super. Both sets had me to dinner this month. I have a sneaky feeling that they all stay up after I've gone to bed, but it was lovely to see them all and be generally fussed over.

Um.. That's about it for this month, it's been a bit of a quiet one. So here's a list of my favorite things to keep us going:
Bath time - I love splashing around
Books. At the moment I'm reading "That's not my puppy/Lion/Elephant/Tiger"
Pens - especially to eat
Cables. These are brilliant, and every time you pull or chew on one you get an imediate reaction from M&D
Glasses. I don't know about you, but I think glasses look cool. Every time I see them I want to pull them off whoever's face they're on, and wear them myself!
Planes. I like flying - so naturally I keep spotting planes overhead. And since we're on the way to Heathrow I can see lots of them!
Hugs and chat. Hugs with people I know, and chats with people I don't know well enough to hug.

I'll try and make sure we get the next one out on time
Love and hugs,
Arthur x

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