Monday, 4 February 2013

Birthday greetings

 Hello everyone,

I started the year a troubled soul. We went to my Godparents’ for New Year’s Eve and the three of us were meant to be sleeping in their spare bed. Well I just couldn’t get comfortable, so I had to wake Mummy, then Daddy, then Mummy, then both, then anyone and everyone to explain that I was unhappy. I was perfectly fine the next day. M&D looked tired poor things.

I’m continuing to learn new tricks every week. It’s very satisfying and certainly seems to keep M&D happy. They keep saying well done – and I give myself a round of applause. Mum says I get this from Dad!
New stuff I can do:
Cruising – I can get anywhere in a room if you just give me the odd thing to cling on to.
Standing – I can now stand up on my own. This becomes a bit of a surprise if I do it in the middle of the room as there’s nothing to grab, so I have to sit down again!

I’ve tried walking but you get all wobbly and fall over. M&D and my lovely physiotherapist keep pushing me. I’ll walk when I want to, thank you!
I can climb stairs though. This is new and great fun. I did shock Mum by showing her that I didn’t know how to come down again. I may have bumped my way down but no injuries.
Did I mention I can count? Well I can. Let me show you: Won, too, free, for, fife, seax, nine, ten; bap, bap, bap. That last bit is me clapping ‘cos I’ve done so well. Seven and eight are overrated!

As a result of my obvious genius I’ve been moved up in Gymboree, which means I get to explore a bit more and have more toddlers around me who are walking.  It also means I get to spend time with my friend Isabella who has also moved class too.  She is encouraging me to walk on my own too but I’m quite happy bum shuffling for the time being.

Other things this month – it snowed! In London! I hadn’t played in snow before so M&D took me outside and we built a snowman, then a snow family of three, just like us. It turns out that snow is quite cold and doesn’t taste nearly as good as it looks. Still, it gets M&D very excited.
And Dad went away again for week but I wasn’t ill this time. It did mean he was away for my actual birthday but Mummy gave me extra kisses and I threw my food around slightly less than usual to say thank you.

Helping build our snow family

So M&D held my birthday party on the Saturday. All my godparents came and so did Sophie and Marcus, Robin’s parents who I met in C&W Hospital when he and I were both tiny. Godmummy Sherifa and Goddaddy Fred had made me a cake in the shape of the dinosaur from my favourite book: Dinosaur sleepover. It was quite the best cake ever. So what did they all do. No go on, guess.

Super cool cake and book!

They put me to bed. To bed! To sleep! They then ate lots of food, stinky cheese and drank Daddy’s special grape juice and then they ATE MY CAKE. Without me. Humph.  I did get some the next day though.  It was yummy!
I tell you something; I’m not standing for this next year. I did get super pressies though so a huge thanks to everyone for the presents and the cards.  I feel very special indeed and have lots of new toys to play with.

Lots of love to all,

Arthur xxx

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