Thursday, 2 May 2013

Amazing April

Good evening everyone!

It's been another busy month; not least because I turned 2 again! To celebrate my 'due date' birthday we went to our local - The Black Dog.  This seemed especially appropriate as it was where we went the day after I came home from Tommies 2 whole years ago.  This time I had my own sweet potato fries and my own chocolate brownie. Yummy

This month has been mainly one of visits:
One of Mum's friends from university came to stay whilst her flat was being sorted.  Jo is also a doctor and has changed jobs and houses, though the job change seemed to have been easier than the home thing.  She was very friendly and gave me hugs and even baby sat so Mum and Dad could go out for an evening - thank you!

Then Aunty Lizzie came to stay for 2 days.  She was very impressed with my walking and talking and my iPad skills.  M+D have found me even more Apps. I can now do jigsaws, pelmanism - matching numbers, colours, vegetables. I can also Skype, FaceTime and rearrange or delete Apps. Lend me your phone at your peril!!

I'm not a complete techno geek.  I like reading with people too.  I sit quietly next to Mum, Dad, Granny etc and listen as they read my favourite books to me.  It is important to be read the right book, so I always may sure I ask for books by name and then go and get them from my collection to show the grown ups which one I meant.

Combining literature with technology

I went to see my friend, Artie and his Mum.  We had yummy food and I played football in the garden and in his sandpit.  It seemed to inspire Mum - so now I have a little sand table of my own. This is huge fun and allows me to spread sand everywhere - which is surely what it was for.

We've had more dinners with my Godparents- more yummy company and food.  We've had friends round for dinner and gone round to both our next door neighbours too.  I met Cleo the cat. Cats are strange. She ran away when I kissed her then hid under things and stared at me. You can't please everyone I suppose.  M+D seem very impressed by my kisses.  I have perfected toddling over, hugging their legs and then putting my arms up for a hug and leaning forward for a kiss.  I am the master of Super Cute...

And then my cousins came round for lunch (phew I'm popular!)  We played together and got lots of my toys out and ate cake.  Mum and Dad are now allowing me to have bits of my own cake.  I can run off my energy now I guess.

I'm armed and dangerous...

The biggest new of this month is that I've been discharged from Physiotherapy.  This is one of the last specialists related to my prematurity so being discharged is a big deal.  It was said to say goodbye to Amy but it means I'm doing well and that the number of appointments I have to go to has reduced again!  Whoopee.  A massive thank you to all the staff at Sunshine House. You've been a huge help to me and Mum and Dad.

Whilst Mum was busy on call, Dad and I popped up to Leicester to see friends. We borrowed an XKR from The Classic Car Club and Dad had some fun.  It was a bit quick for me but I only had to voice my disapproval a couple of times.  Mum joined us on the Sunday and we had a lovely time in the countryside.  It is nice for us townfolk to get out of the City sometimes.

Now I'm walking with confidence, I've been moved up into Toddlers at Nursery.  To celebrate, I ran down the slope at Nursery and promptly fell over.  I grazed the side of my face but was otherwise unharmed and sat nice and still to be cleaned up.  M+D say I will get a few bumps and bruises as I run around and play.  Mum told me how many scars and broken bones she had and so did Aunty Lizzie!  Wow...they really need to learn to be more careful!

Mummy bought me a very odd shaped ball, but she seemed very happy to see me running around with it:

Granny W came to stay so Mum and Dad could go on management courses.  We went to the park, we played in the garden and did LOTS of reading.  Thank you Granny.

So now I am 2 whichever 'birth date' you go by.  I'm planning to step down my blogging activity.  It's been lovely that so many of you have been interested in my ramblings.  I will still update when something happens but it's going to be a little less often. I hope you don't mind too much.

Love to you all and bye for now



  1. Ahh Its been great love to you all xx P

  2. Have loved following Arthur's progress!


  3. MilkNoSugarPlease (Mumsnet)7 May 2013 at 00:04

    It's been an absolute pleasure to read all about you little sad there won't be monthly updates but am so excited to see what the future holds for you when something big happens x