Wednesday, 28 December 2011

We Wish You A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wow, my first ever Christmas and Mum and Dad's first Christmas as a Mum and Dad. They haven't got used to this. Dad even handed my pressie for him (labelled to Dad) to Grandad; but I'm sure they'll learn. We all travelled down to Grandad and Granny E's for Christmas Day and Boxing Day and my cousins, my Uncle and Aunt and Granny W also came down to help us celebrate.

Eccles x3
 Granny E is getting much stronger after her hip operation but M+D did the cooking on 25th and Uncle Toby and Auntie Julia cooked on Boxing Day so she could have a rest.

I can't quite fit a whole camera in my mouth

December has been fairly peaceful really.  No more A and E visits but a physio appointment and a developmental appointment.  I am not doing too badly overall and certainly there is no obvious difference between my right and left arms and legs and I can now sit on my own for a little while.  The doctor did say that my head circumference is falling behind my weight gain and my length which may be indicating that my brain isn't as big as it should be.  He did say it's quality, not quantity that matters but it is something M+D were well aware of following my MRI way back in May.  We will know a bit more in April next year when I have my full 1 year check.  In the meantime I will put up with M+D helping me roll, sit and get stronger. My physio says I am developing slowly but steadily but the good news is that I'm not doing anything 'abnormal'.

Slow but steady progress with important tasks of daily living!

I am still enjoying nursery and starred in the Nativity Play as a star!  M+D came to watch but I heard Dad talking and when he didn't pick me up I made it very clear that this wasn't on so then M+D had to take turns in holding me so I didn't disturb the rest of the play!

We have been to lots of Christmas parties too.  The usual food issues applied - M+D ate all the cake and mince pies, I had milk and my usual mush!  This is going to have to change by next year!

Finger food

We have been given lots of cards and presents - thank you very much indeed.  Personally - I rather enjoyed the wrapping paper - tastes lovely!  I've now got a train set, clothes, boots, xylophone and teddies just to name a few things.  I've got more animals for my Ark too.  I'm turning into David Attenborough but without the fake footage!

Not all of these presents were for me!

A slightly worrying development  is that I am having 'night terrors'.  This involves me going to sleep then about an hour or so later, screaming and crying inconsolably for a few minutes before falling back to sleep. This is very disconcerting for M+D who find my crying very distressing especially when their cuddles and kisses don't settle me.  Apparently I'll grow out of it and I don't remember the episodes but it's not very nice for M+D.  Sorry.


So we are heading into 2012 and I am approaching not one, but TWO birthdays, though both to celebrate my being one year old!  I think M+D have some celebrating to do.  It's been a long year but we are still going strong and we are looking forward to a new year and more adventures!

Love to all and wishing all a very happy 2012


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