Sunday, 22 January 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well ladies and gentlemen, who'd have thought it? It's been a whole year since my unexpected arrival into the world and I am now officially 1 year old.  Of course, I still have 13 weeks and 4 days until my 'biological' 1 year celebrations but I, and M+D, like a good excuse for a party so I get 2 birthdays.  Lucky me. Just think, this time last year I had just travelled down the A40 from Northwick Park to Chelsea and Westminster and was settling in to NICU for the long haul with M+D following behind in the car not knowing how the next few hours let alone 12 months would pan out. 

January 2011 (26cm, 990g)

January 2012 (69cm, 8900g)

I have been busy since my last post.  I have learned to sit without any help, I have moved up into the Blue Room at Nursery with the 12 month olds and I now go to Level 2 classes at Gymboree!

M+D were a bit worried about my moving up into the older class at Nursery as I am only 9 months old corrected but my lovely physiotherapist visited me and my Nursery nurses and said I would be fine and that are doing a good job of helping me learn to roll and improve my co-ordination and independence.

Watching bubbles

M+D went out with friends to see a play so I got to spend an evening with my Godmother, Sherifa.  I only had a little strop and then settled down.  

To celebrate my first, first birthday we had a party.  Mum tried lots of cake recipes for my party.  Regular readers will know what I'm about to say...I didn't get to eat any of it!  Although I was given a small bit on my birthday.  Thank you M+D!  I think I need to keep trying more cake just in case I turn out not to like it though. And now I have teeth to help me eat it too!  I have taken the sprouting of teeth in my stride.  So much so, that M+D didn't spot what was going on until I nibbled on Mum's finger and surprised her with a bit more than the usual gummy bite! Now she is threatening me with a tooth brush and tooth paste.  My Grandad P and Aunty Lizzie will be proud!

Arthur 'McSmall' with his Mr. Small cake

Today we went to the Science Museum with M+D's friends, Ben, Sam and their 3 children.  We saw lots of clever stuff including the original model of DNA made by 2 blokes from Cambridge and engines from lots of different motors and a piece of the actual moon!  Very cool. I think Dad and Ben could have stayed there all day.

Me and DNA

When we got home, it was present opening time.  I'd already opened my cards and thought that was over the top but the presents were something else!  Gosh, I feel very special indeed.  I got plates with Peter Rabbit on them, and plates with my name on, and a train set, and a big cuddly dog, and a musical elephant, books, a rattle and monkey.  Thank you to everyone!

Me and my presents.  I really liked the tissue paper! Oh, and the laptop is Mummy's.

Well, I hope my second year is slightly less hospital orientated but just as exciting as I learn new tricks and get bigger and more mobile!  Watch out M+D...

Me? Cause trouble?!

love to all,

Arthur xxx


  1. I've been following Arthur's progress over the year, and just wanted to say Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best for the coming year...

  2. Wow! I have followed your progress from the start and I am amazed at how far you've come! wishing you lot's of love and luck and CAKE(!!) for your second year!!

  3. Hi, I am a PhD student (immunology, and SpR in O&G) researching prematurity and I've been following Arthur's blog since the beginning (one of the London O&G trainees shared the link on Facebook) - is there an email address on which I can contact someone about perhaps using the two pictures on this post in a presentation? Thanks! My email is PJ1810 at gmail dot com.

  4. So cute! I loved the post. It has humor and sense. This little one is so adorable. Happy birthday to him and God bless. My nephew will also turn one this month and I am planning a surprise party for him in one of the venues in Chicago. I have already made the list and will finalize it with my sister. Anyways, it was a heart touching post and I wish no more hospital visits for this little cutie.