Sunday, 29 April 2012

April showers

Hello everyone!

The telly may say it's a drought but it's been very wet if you're my height. Mum has become quite skilled in pushing the buggy with one hand whilst holding an umbrella with the other and I have got used to being under my plastic raincover. 

As I said in my last blog, I had lots of appointments this month.  Most went OK.

My physio said I am progressing at my own pace and still not showing signs of anything abnormal. She showed Mum some more exercises to help me stand and suggested that we give rolling a break as I really don't like it and actively resist attempts to help me do it. But I forgot so managed to show M&D that I can roll both ways, this weekend!

playing with my wooden Ark animals

I had my 1 year developmental assessment.  Actually I was 11 months and 2 weeks old (corrected) but close enough.  The doctor asked M+D lots of questions about what I was and wasn't doing at home and then got me to play with lots of different toys.  He then filled in a VERY long form, did some calculations and came up with scores to give the doctors and M+D an idea of how I'm developing.

It didn't really tell us anything we didn't already know, just made it more official.  I am about 4 months behind my corrected age for 'gross motor' skills (I don't crawl or stand) and I'm about 2 months behind on my speech and language as I've only just started properly babbling but my fine motor and social skills are about right.  The doctor said that I'm doing 'OK' in relation to other 26 weekers and that over time I will hopefully catch up and start walking.  I know M+D found it quite hard to hear but Dad is an optimist and seemed pleased that the news wasn't worse.  At least I am moving both arms and legs symmetrically.  My brain bleed could have meant that my left side didn't work so well, and still might not, but as I get older and I continue to move all my limbs equally, the chances of me being badly affected by it become less and less likely.
So I get to do this again in a year!  Whoopee.  I think Mum may try to train me to do all the tests before then!

But away from such formality I have been trying out some new skills. I've been learning to feed myself. This fabulous fun.  Mum has had to lay a shower curtain under my high chair. But you can flick weetabix a very long way if you're given your own spoon! I have also learned that things still exist even when I can't see them. Mum and Dad were very amused to see me peer round the back of the computer to see where Granny had gone when we disappeared while we Skyped.

Steering Dad with his hair.

Easter was fun and I got to see all my Godparents.  Fred and Sherifa did an Easter egg hunt for me and M+D got quit excited about finding the eggs all over the garden!  I had my first taste of chocolate - I think I need some more before I pass judgement...
Then my other Godparents and their daughters came to say hello and we (not me actually) ate hot cross buns and drank tea.  I tried eating hot cross buns but found pinging bits of buttery baked goods around the dining room much more fun!

Don't interrupt me eating my toast!

Mum and I had a lovely visit from one of my fellow Chelsea escapees and his Mum.  He is doing really well, standing up and holding his own bottle and other grown up tricks.  I sat and played with my toys, but took in all in for later!  It was good for Mum to chat to another Mum who has had a similar (and harder!) journey.  They 'compared notes' about Outpatient appointments and being back at work.  Yawn. They did bring yummy cakes too.

Granny W (or clapping granny) came to stay.  I call her 'Clapping Granny' as I clap at her and she claps at me on Skype.  She baby sat so M+D could go out and see a theatre company called Spy Monkey with Fred and Sherifa.  They had a really good time and I was well behaved for Granny.   On Sunday, we went for Sunday lunch at The Black Dog.  It was yummy and I had a great time and tasted ice cream and an Eccles cake.  Apparently, M+D had nicknamed me 'cake' when I was just a bump in her tummy, so an Eccles cake seemed appropriate.  It's only taken a year since I was born!


M+D and I went to watch the London Marathon and to cheer on our friend, Sam, who was running.  We had tracked her on our computer but I didn't manage to see her actually running but met up with her and her family afterwards.  A massive congratulations to her and to all the other runners. 

To celebrate my second first year birthday, Mum baked little cakes.  Dad took some to work, Mum took some to her work and I took some to Nursery.  None came home which Mum took as a good sign.  I got to try a bit too - again, I think I need more before I pass judgement but my cousins seemed to like them when they came round with their parents!  M+D also had friends round to help them celebrate.  I stayed up to say hello but couldn't keep my eyes open for long so went to bed so M+D could enjoy the evening.  They were a bit quiet the next morning and there were lots of glasses to wash up so I tried very hard to be good and not to shout too loudly! 

Despite the awful weather, we are having our garden 'done'.  The toddler drowning device (or pond) has been filled in and some grass is being laid for me to play on once the weather improves.  I do feel sorry for the gardeners doing the work.  They haven't been able to do much because of the rain and mud but they do seem to have moved most of the back garden into the front garden in the meantime. 

So hopefully the garden will be finished by my next blog and I'll have become a bit more mobile so I can enjoy it and keep M+D on their toes even more.  More parental training!  Fabulous!

love to all


  1. Dear Arthur,
    Lots of love from kangaroo Island :)

  2. Dear Arthur, (and Arthur's M&D)

    Thank you for sharing your journey in this moving and amazing blog. I wonder if I may be able to use some of the photos from your early days in a presentation I am writing for medical students, neonatal nurses and paediatric trainees about the care of preterm babies?

    Yours Sincerely

    Tamara Keith
    Neonatal SHO