Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Greetings eveyone,

I don't need to tell you quite how wet it was for most of July here in London and the rest of the UK!  Fortunately, things have brightened up and the Olympics don't seem to have been completely washed out yet!

Matching shorts!

Mum, Dad and I escaped the weather for a few days by visiting our friends, Simon and Cathrine, in Norway and were blessed by days of brilliant sunshine and 27 degree heat.  It was so warm, M+D even dared to swim in the fjord with the Norwegian jelly fish!  I wasn't very well so I was given a reprieve from swimming.  I'm not sure I'll be so lucky if we go back next year.

Enjoying the view in fjords!

Back on home soil, I've been perfecting my bum shuffling and can traverse the whole living room at home and Blue room in Nursery as well as spinning on the spot a full 360 degrees.  This is keeping Mum, Dad and my friends at Nursery on their toes as I'm not always in the same place when they turn round.  But, as usual, my physio is not satisfied and is now getting me to practice standing too.  No rest for this cheeky imp!  Mum has worked out that I'll stand against the sofa if I'm distracted by my favourite apps when she puts her iPhone on the cushion in front of me.  Devious behaviour by grown ups of you ask me but it seems to have paid off. Now I can stand against the sofa/table etc without someone having to hold on to me and I don't always need an iPhone for distraction anymore.  M+D are very pleased indeed.

Distraction with balls not phones

I've had my kidney looked at again.  It's looking good, and I've grown and gained weight so I'm now 10.4kg and 77cm in length.  My blood pressure is normal and my urine is clear but my Consultant clearly likes seeing me as I'm going back again in 6 months for another ultrasound and review.

We've been busy at home, putting up pictures, changing beds in the spare room so friends and family have a more comfortable stay and fitting stair gates so I can't escape. The gate seems quite effective at slowing down grown ups too.

In time for the Olympics, I've learned another phrase to go with 'hip hip hooray!'.  I can now say 'go' when someone says 'ready steady...'.  It does sound more like 'doh' at present but my Speech therapist, who taught it to me, told Mum that g's are very hard for little people to say and d's are much easier.  She also says I am doing very well, achieving most targets for my corrected age and might even be doing a little better than that!

My eyes have been checked again; I can see and look straight ahead.  The Consultant did offer to see me again but Mum said she'd keep an 'eye' (see what I did there?!) on me and come back if necessary.  That means I've been discharged from Cardiology, Respiratory, Audiology and Ophthalmology.  Still on the books for physio, Speech and Language, Developmental and Nephrology but I keep on doing well and knocking off specialities so I might be removed from under the microscope by 5!  I know M+D will be keeping a close watch on me so I won't be able to get away with anything even if the doctors aren't involved!

Speaking of Olympics, Mum and I saw the torch as it came through Wandsworth the day before the Opening Ceremony.  Lots of noise and crowds.  I cheered and waved and Mum managed to hold on to me as I wriggled and squiggled.

Dad did one better and got to see the Tech rehearsal for the opening ceremony on the Monday before.  He came back full of praise about the security, the Olympic Park and the show.  I didn't manage to stay up for the actual event but M+D did and said it was fabulous and the Queen is the latest Bond girl - brilliant.  Shame the NICUs at Northwick Park, Chelsea and St. Thomas' didn't get acknowledged like GOSH but I know we're all  incredibly grateful to the NHS for my care when I was born and the Outpatient care that continues.

I promise there will be more videos next month.  But I hope you've enjoyed my photos and chat from this month.

Love to all,

Arthur xxx

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  1. Lovely update, go Arthur... or should I say doh Arthur :-) I think that doh thing could catch on with such a cute ambassador