Saturday, 1 September 2012

Summer celebrations

Evening all,

Like most of the country, M+D have been very excited about sport (new thing for Dad, not so new for Mum) and have already decided which sports I should be encouraged to start learning.  Well, if Laura Trott can win double gold after her premature arrival, then why can't I. 

The Olympic and Paralympic mascots have generated a rather OCD type personality in Mum and I have been taken all over London in order to get my photograph taken next to all the models dotted about on trails in different places around town.  For most I managed a smile or giggle, for others I have perfected a look of indifference and for some I just couldn't keep my eyes open!



Smiley with aunt Lizze

I've made mummy stop at four pictures - we've been to over 60 of the stupid things! Still the walks have been nice and it gets us out of the house.

August has been a fairly relaxed month for us.  We have enjoyed the sunshine, visited friends and had friends and family to stay.  My aunt Lizzie came to say hello and also got dragged to see mascots.  She also baby sat for an evening so M+D could go out for dinner. Thank you!

Stolen aunty's sunglasses!

My standing continues to improve and now my physio wants me to do dynamic standing which involves me standing and Mum or Dad moving one of my legs and me moving the other one to catch up.  I'm not a fan of this hard work and make it known to anyone who's nearby.

M+D also continue to encourage me to feed myself. This is a messy process but the shower curtain Mum has out on the floor means M+D don't worry too much about how much food ends up on the floor as long as enough ends up in my tummy.  The bottles have also been relegated to storage as I can drink from a beaker without any problems.  I'm becoming a proper little man.

The other lovely event for the month was the 'whole Eccles family' lunch. The three of us joined by my nieces, aunty and uncle; all went down to Grandpa and Granny's. The sun shone and we played games in the garden. It was simply yummy.

I've moved up into the Tweenies room at Nursery too. This means I'm a 'toddler' although I think I'm probably more of a 'shuffler' right now but soon enough I'll be mobile on 2 feet and then the world will be my oyster and M+D will have to move even more furniture and laptops and cables out of my reach!

I've been to the park near home to play with my friend Leo, and enjoyed the swings, slides and bum shuffling all over the grass.  Leo showed me how to climb over the climbing frames and introduced me to blueberries.  Yummy!

Mum borrowed a TVR Tuscan from the Classic Car Club and we went for a drive. Then Dad and I went out (it's a 2 seater so no room for extra passengers with me in the front passenger seat!).  Mum and I had a good time but Dad drives quite a lot faster. Lots of grins!  It makes a lot of noise and having the roof off is fun as I can feel the wind in my hair.

Vroom vroom

And I can talk now. Sadly my parents remain unable to understand me. I am trying harder and harder, talking loud and longer and even doing arm gestures. I can't wait until they catch up!

Until next month,
Love to all,
Arthur  xx

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  1. Wow Arthur! Can't believe how big you are! You are an awfully handsome fellow!!