Thursday, 27 January 2011

Accidents, kindness, wombats, and tears

Let's start with my news - I've had a quiet night, I've been put back on the high-frequency ventilation which is fine but does make me feel like on a 'power-plate' machine, jiggling around. I'm also back under the sun lamp so the shades are back on. All pretty dull and, as they keep telling me, dull is good.

Dad tells me he went to court today as a defendent in a four year old case about a car crash. He won! In part thanks to me and my circumstances being explained to the very nice judge. He's quite pleased with himself - and while all of you have known him longer than me - if he's like this whenever he wins something he must be insufferable.

Oh and he drove into a bus this morning - well Mum gave the bus driver what for - and it all ended happily.

Just to let you all know (so many of you!!) Mum and Dad are quite overwhelmed by all your kind thoughts and offers. It looks like I'm in here for the long-haul so I've told them to bank all the offers of food, laundry and lodgings and claim them all back when/if I become a bit more demanding or when they're just a bit fed up.

What's a wombat? I only ask because M&D have apparently bought me two of them. Something to do with my great-grandfather coming here from the far side of the world and them going there for their honeymoon. Because I'm so small - the first one is apparently about twice my size, so they've got a teeny one. But I'm not allowed soft toys (just wires and beepy machines) so they're looking after it for now. I'd love to know what it looks like but I haven't quite go round to opening my eyes just yet.

Oh - and as Dad came back after the court case he passed a group of children learning to ride their bikes - cue full water works, miracle he can drive at all really.

Lots of love and small, hand grasping cuddles,
Arthur E xx

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  1. Lots and lots of love to you Arthur from your cousins. Toby and I speak about you all the time and send you seriously good vibes. And virtual cuddles! Lots of them. Julia xxx