Monday, 31 January 2011

Afternoon everybody!

Bonjour tout le monde!

Mum has been teaching me French this afternoon!  Currently I can say 'j'ai quinze ans' which I think means I am fifteen.  It will come in handy once I start my GCSEs so I will store that one for later!

Another nappy change and another poo positive nappy.  From a medical point of view, this is brilliant as it means the small volume of breast milk I am getting through my NG tube is getting through without my gut getting irritated.  Mum is pleased and told me that the amount of milk she is getting has increased because I am doing so well.  I will try extra hard to look cute and get better quickly if it means getting more milk and making M+D happy. 

Mum says that my wombat is waiting for me too.  I'm still a little delicate so no other visitors apart from parents are allowed.  This also includes wombats but here is a photo of him in the meantime. 
Did you know wombats have square poo so they can stack it and mark their territory?  

Mum is being very good apparently and leaving the doctors in peace to put a long line in my arm or leg.  She says it is because the lines in my umbilicus or tummy button have been in for over a week and they need changing.  The doctors are very good here and if M+D trust them then I know they will be gentle with me and do a good job. The number of lines I need is getting less as I get better which is good too.  It means the tower of drips next to my little incubator is getting smaller and there are less things that go beep!

My tower of drugs that go beep.  Only 4 of the 7 are actually connected to me.

Mum bought mini eggs today.  She said I had been due at Easter time so buying chocolate eggs in January is totally acceptable!

She has tried to take some video of me as well but hasn't quite worked out how to upload it yet.  I'll show her how to do it once my line is in so hopefully she'll have it on tomorrow's update.

So, all in all, another positive day. Here's to a terrific Tuesday!

Bye bye xxx



  1. Amy, Simon and Arthur. Hello to all 3 of u. Just wanted to say how cute little Arthur is and all of my thoughts, prayers and finger/toe crossing is for all 3 of u. Tina

  2. Hi Little Arthur,
    dont worry about the 'poo' obsession, there are worse bodily functions that Mums and Dads can be interested in. Because you are having Yummy Mummy Milk, your poo’s are really quite innoffensive:-So well done you, you look like you have grown, so as an old Midwife I approve of the approach you are taking, well done little Eccles.
    Trouble is, we are all so facinated by your Blog, that we may forget ourselves and ask your Daddy if he had ‘been’ today when we meet up again.
    Keep strong little man, dream gorgeous dreams. With my Love – Julie T