Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Day three afternoon - two steps back

From Simon at 5pm

Not a good afternoon I'm afraid. We've had another ultrasound of his head and Arthur's bleed has extended. It's a grade 4 which is the worst and is clearly affecting a significant area of his brain tissue itself. He is far more likely than not to have a degree of hemiparesis - or weakness on one side.
There is also a risk that his whole CSF (the fluid round the brain) system will block and swell up. This will compress both sides of his brain - really bad news. And will trigger some really hard decisions for Amy and I.
Amy's already finding it very hard as she scans similar little sprogs back at Northwick Park and knows only too well how this can progress.

You never know he may pull through and just have mild impairment. So there's every chance he could be a better sportsman than his Dad. Oxford looking less likely - Barts and the London may still take him.

Arthur on his little sunbed

Arthur's home, with view of Chelsea

Still a very cute little man.

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