Sunday, 30 January 2011

The joy of Sunday evening

Well let's try something new today - a video. Not the best quality 'cos it's a rather old camera. Dad tried 30 seconds with the new camera but the file was over 100MB so that wasn't going to work!

Mum tickling me until I wriggle

So Dad changed my nappy this afternoon. And did his tax return, whatever that is. He seemed happy enough - apparently this hotel I'm in is rather expensive but paid for by his taxes - so he's stopped whinging.

My health - breathing is a bit easier and oxygen requirements are down so that's all good. And I'm tolerating Mum's milk so the lovely nurses are upping my 'dose'. No signs of infection anywhere and generally all is well.

The only risk is that because I'm being so well and simply yummy M&D are getting more nervous about the next bit of bad news, whenever that may come.

And now for some photos to give you a sense of my mightiness - small, but mighty!

Mighty toes

Mighty puds (for non-Eccles: Puds=paws)

My little shades

Teeny nappies!
Have a lovely evening all of you - now in over 12 countries on 4 continents,

Love Arthur, x

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  1. Rushed down Arthur to see you this morning - and had the added joy of hearing your parents' voices. So reassusinrg. Glad weekend went well and we were all thinking of you.
    Much love Jill