Thursday, 27 January 2011

Today's news

From Simon:

Nothing happened. Repeat scan showed no changes. Ventilation stable. No signs of infection.

All this is good but Amy and I felt flat as pancakes. It may just be one of those days, it may be the continuing realisation of just what we're in for, or it may be that another baby is really sick - and we saw the effect on their Mum.

We're Ok. Many hugs. Have a pic of a teeny foot to keep us all going! Note the careful labelling to prevent any limb being accidentally mislaid.
My left foot


  1. Thinking of you. What a shite week for Hom ED consultants. BK

  2. Just found Arthur's blog. My thoughts are with all of you. I used to work on Arthur's neonatal unit, though I can't imagine what it must be like as parents. Best wishes to all of you.