Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A wonderfully dull day!

23 followers: wow, I had no idea Mum and Dad knew so many people!
Well I've stopped tanning so they took off my shades which meant Mum and Dad could see me properly.

I've done my best to look super-cute and been practising the odd facial expression - not many as my morphine is keeping me quite sleepy - but they seem to enjoy tickling me to see what happens.
Practising yawning
Dad's discovered that he can buzz my cot up and down. Mum likes it low as she sits next to me and sings to me. Mozart: 'Ave Verum Corpus' and Parry: 'I Was Glad' were the hits for today. Dad likes it high for his back - I feel like I'm in a lift!
Dad trying to make me wriggle
And Mum and Dad have insisted on changing my nappies themselves - so the nurses leave me until M&D get here so they can do it. I get my revenge by peeing all over them whenever I can. Oh - and they got me Christened - I think I even heard Dad joining in.

They rescanned my head today and the bleed hasn't changed, no extension - so that's good, and no expansion of the left (minimally affected) ventricle. So apparently my left arm and leg may stop working when the bleed resorbs and takes the neurons with it. I will do my best to be a miracle and repair without and damage!

Mum and Dad have had a chat to my Professor. No better news but much better understanding. Nothing is certain - so one day at a time. No news is good news.

Thanks for all the love and prayers - it means the world to M&D. xx


  1. U guys are amazing - keep positive just love @arthurs ' posts

  2. All our love and prayers with you. Arthur's a truly lucky chap to have parents like you.
    Keep strong and take care of each other.