Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I'm fine - not sure about Mum and Dad

Simon writing:
Well another day dawns.
No overnight phonecalls - good.
Little man waiting to greet us - good.
Phototherapy stopped so blue light off, so sunshades off - good.
Physiology numbers all ok - good.
Needed plasma last night which is not brilliant. And he's not currently able to tolerate milk by NG which is a bit crap.

But screwed up his little face when I stroked him this morning - which is the first facial expression we've seen - wowee I didn't know I could be so moved by someone so tiny.

Last night was horrid - not for the little man, but Amy and I had a really rough time coming to terms with what this all means. We're solid as a rock, but boy is this hard.

So we're praying for a really dull day - no change in his head, and no new news. We'll try and take some photos of his face if he gives us the chance. (They're doing the big morning ward round so we're having a coffee and being patient. I'm nearly getting the hang of being patient)

So here's a photo or two from yesterday to cheer you up:
My own little sunbed

Too good for words!

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