Friday, 28 January 2011

A lovely afternoon and can I ask a favour?

Dear all,

I now exist - officially at least. Mum had to go all the way to Brent to register me as a real, living human being. I gather I'm called Arthur Jonathan Simon Eccles which sounds very distinguished and shows that for five generations the Eccles family haven't been able to think up any new names - they just keep changing the order.

And I've had a lovely afternoon. Nothing has happened - oh and I'm off all blood pressure support: which is very good. I'm still on high frequency ventilation as I keep dropping my O2 sats when I get excited - not too badly (75%) and I don't too it for long - but just enough not to reduce my need for support. So Mum and dad can't take me out and cuddle me yet. But they do keep talking to me and Mum changed my nappy and cleaned my mouth this afternoon.

Now - favour time: I got to lie on my side this afternoon which made a lovely change.

I haven't bothered openning my eyes just yet as this is my view:

So can anyone make me some new covers for my incubator. The covers look huge to me but are apparently they are only a metre by a metre. I'd love one with some nice things to look at on it.

And two big thank yous - one to Penny for having 'None shall sleep' dedicated to me on Classic FM - very appropriate given the constant alarms.
The second is to Bruce, Sam and all my other lovely nurses for looking after me so well. I understand you've now found my blog - so HELLO LOVELY NICU NURSES!! and many thanks.
Arthur x

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