Saturday, 29 January 2011

A day of many firsts

Well what a super day!
I turned a week old and had a very happy time. Dad has bought a new macro (close up) lens for his camera and has gone totally bonkers with it.
My hairy knees
So this may be a rather picture-tastic posting, hope that's OK. I also found out I'm getting over 500 hits a day on this blog. Well I'm very flattered you're all so interested. Slightly intimidating!! Please do feel free to share me with friends but please don't feel you have to stay if you don't want to - I'm not going anywhere.

Other firsts - I've passed my first poo. I'm not sure you needed to know that but Mum and Dad seemed very excited. They changed my nappy all by themselves and my nurse was very nice and encouraging. Then she adjusted it all again to get it how I like it. You're not seeing a photo of that, so here's my knobbly knee again:

Mum thinks this is very cute - and also why I'm called Arthur
And Dad got to pick me up for the first time so I could have my bedding changed. He managed not to drop me but did insist on jiggling me up and down and humming some nonsense tune. I think I'll stick to Mum's singing!

Dad being clever, and getting me reflected in Mum's eyes

Dad not dropping me. Not my most flattering shot.

I may have wriggled a bit!!
 I have also been wriggling in a much more purposeful manner. To be fair, since I haven't yet chosen to look around yet, I'm doing it all by feel. And they keep sticking lines in my arms which are HUGE when you're my size so they make it all a bit awkward.

I had a go at my tube but was spotted so had to let go:

Apparently, I have to leave this alone.

Not my fault - or anyone else's but I caused my first proper heart-stopping moment for M&D today. They were out to lunch with Toby and Julia when the NICU rang. Dad over heard "NICU... Surgery, right now...two hours" and apparently you've never seen him move so fast. Mum had to explain that it was nothing to do with me, but that the unit was shut to visitors for a couple of hours whilst one of my little friends needed treatment.

Whilst we're talking about lunch - I'm being fed again which is good. And they wipe Mum's milk round my gums so I know what it tastes like - seems yummy to me! M&D also recommended their lunch; The Henry Root in Page Walk and were very surprised to find that the lovely maitre-di was a fellow Bryanstonian: Jerome. Huge thanks for looking after them so well. And even giving them a free bottle of Champagne to celebrate my birthday! (They tell me it's milk for grown-ups)

Anyway, that's enough typing so let me finish with another cute photo:

Me hugging mummy
Love to all,
Arthur xx

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  1. What a wonderful post!!!!
    WOW 500 hits a day Arthur, I have no idea how many of those I am responsible for, but I am a little obsessed with you young man.
    To read such a wonderful entry on my way to bed will definitely make for a better nights sleep. You, your Mum and Dad have been constantly on my mind for the past week and will continue to be when I wake tomorrow.
    Have sweet dreams,
    Arna x