Friday, 28 January 2011

Oooh - that Friday feeling

Well I'm lying in my little incubator box trying very hard to be boring but apparently I'm being irresistably cute instead. I have developed a slightly irritating habit of opening up my PDA when tickled (persistent ductus-arteriosus the blood's bypass route for the lung which normally closes at birth - amazing what you overhear through the perspex). This means I set all the alarms off when Dad changed my nappy first thing today. I was good and didn't pee on him - seemed fair.

All was well overnight - they gave me a blood transfusion - well a small syringe full, given my size. Their also giving me Ranitidine for gastritis - taking after Dad again.

I like being comforted!
And now Dad wants to say a few words:

After feeling flat during the day - Amy and I drove home thinking up all our reasons to be cheerful: and here's our list:
Reasons to be cheerful:
  • Amy is physically just fine. Nothing is damaged. We’re able to concentrate on Arthur’s health.
  • Amy now has the secret to avoiding stretchmarks and regaining your pre-pregnancy shape - I'm not sure we'd recommend it though
  • We both have very understanding colleagues and jobs we love and will be happy to go back to.
  • We don’t have to fear for our savings – the NHS is free and has excellent NICUs and paeds ITU transport services.
  • We have a lovely house and we’d done up our bedroom and bathroom so they are now calming sanctuaries away from the stress of the day.
  • As Amy said driving in today: "God I love this car". Our Jaguar XJ6 is quiet, reliable and a fantastically comfortable way to get to and from Chelsea. And C&W hospital provides free parking for NICU parents. Thank you.
  • The staff at C&W are so good, Amy and I have total faith in them, and that lets us sleep at night. More thanks.
  • They are also the best baby sitting service in the world so we are not being woken up and can go out when we wish!
  • We have huge numbers of truly fantastic friends and our wonderful families who have fed us and hugged us and cared for us. Even more thanks.
  • We’ve always saved for a rainy day – and this is it. So Arthur will get what he needs. (Like a 'transport system' with a supercharger for instance J )
  • Our sense of humour has survived. Darker, but still helping!
  • Our own relationship is stronger than ever and just keeps getting better.
Time to go and see the little man - more later.

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