Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Day three

Dear All,

This blog is to help keep all of you up to date. They'll be many voices and much detail - the grandparents are demanding full disclosure - no problems!

We'll try hard to keep it up to date but please be understanding if we are unable to do so.

Arthur here (through Dad but only 'cos the keys are too big). Well it's day three since the escape plan came to fruition.
This morning's main news - my breathing is much better, I'm now on room air and maintaining excellent saturations. I have also switched from high frequency oscillating ventilation - which didn't half make me jiggle about - to conventional ventilation. There's even talk of trying to take my awful tube out and let me breath for myself. But apparently I need more stimulation to do so - so I may be given caffeine but Dad says this is fine as he's addicted to it too.If that doesn't work then I go back on the morphine - which stops me wriggling so much, which irritates Dad who likes it when I fight back and squeeze his finger.

Yesterday I had a pretty serious head bleed (a grade three Intraventicular Haemorrage as I overheard it) Mum had a good stare at my ultrasound pictures and agreed that's what it was - and then cried for the rest of the afternoon. But I'm still here and still wriggling all four limbs when I'm tickled. We just have to wait and see. Mum is terrified I'll only be bright enough for Oxford (she went to some place in the marshes).

Dad has to go and eat now - so more later.

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