Sunday, 15 May 2011

12th May

Hello big people - this post got lost when crashed - sorry,

More deliveries came today (Mum may have been a bit over zealous on the internet shopping) so I got 3 new books and pictures for my cot.

Dad went to work today and became my postman.  He brought a present back from a lovely student called Katya.  Thank you so much.  It's very generous of you especially as you've never met me.  M+D also say thank you for their chocolates.  They've gone the same way as the cakes - I didn't get any!

It's quite nice having Dad at work.  I get all the attention from Mum during the day and then Dad comes home and fusses over me.  I do my very best to stay awake for him.  Mum helped by swaddling me into the 'pupa' position earlier so I was able to have an afternoon nap.

New trick - downhill crawling. If Dad puts me on his chest, when lying down, I wiggle like mad with my arms and kick with my legs and can propel myself along. It doesn't seem to work on the flat or floor yet - but I'm working on it!

Still no awake smiles yet but M+D can tell I'm close to it.  As a result, they won't leave me alone and the camera is out ready for anything at anytime!

Love to all,

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