Sunday, 29 May 2011

Long weekend

Evening all,

It's another Bank Holiday weekend which means M+D are hatching lots of plans to DO stuff and so far none of them have materialised.  Mum wanted to sweep the front garden but had a nap with me instead. 

Kipping with Mum
Dad wanted to decorate my room but looked at cars instead and both of them wanted to sort out my passport photo but none of the photos they took were suitable.  Oh well, 2 more days to get stuff done or not as the case may be.
Would you let this baby into your country?

My sleep suit says it all - adorable!
Because of my nap with Mum this afternoon, I am super awake and super hungry as Mum types this for me.  I'm also being super loud but this seems to be less appreciated by them so late at night. 

I am still coping with my oxygen only at night.  My download will happen on Monday night and hopefully this will mean I will be completely tubeless 24 hours a day from Tuesday.  Fingers crossed.

Thank you very much to Dad's godmother, Susie, for the lovely book.  I am getting quite a collection now.  And a big thank you to Jill for the lovely print too.  It's being hung in my room this weekend.

Hope everyone else is having a peaceful weekend so far.

love to all,
Arthur xxx

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