Monday, 23 May 2011

A third of a year so far!!

Well I'm 4 months old today! And I'm happy, and fat, and cute and home!

Mum and Dad went to see Peter Jones again yesterday - more pressies for me. First up is a Baby Bjorn - this is a rather snuggly carrier which allows me to stay strapped onto the front of M&D whilst they have both their hands free. I rather like it - it means I go everywhere they go and I feel very safe. So I'm staying nice and quiet whilst I'm in it - everybody's happy.

The other pressie was a vibrating comfy chair for me. I know I've already got a rocker but I get quite cross if M&D stop jiggling me in it. This means I have to sit on the floor next to them when they eat and they use one foot to nudge my chair. Wrong speed or quality of jiggling and I scream until they get it right. Apparently this is a bit irritating, hence the new chair.

It has musical fish attached - honestly - musical fish! And it vibrates, which makes me all sleepy, and this makes M&D very happy!

It's been a tiring day today. So I looked cute as a button all morning then fell asleep on Mum this afternoon.
Happy sleeps
Which meant I conserved all my energy for this evening. Now I realise I'm meant to be being good tonight as Sunday night is 'download' night. But I'm not ready to go to bed. I know it's 11pm and M&D are looking dead on their feet but when Arthur is awake, all Arthur's friends (and parents) have to be awake too.

As I type we've reached a stalemate. Me crying, machines alarming, Mummy cuddling. More news tomorrow I'm sure.

Love to all,
Arthur x

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