Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Interesting day!

LOTS happened in the last 24 hours. In no particular order:

  • My toes are gorgeous
  • I slept all the way through the night - this was clearly an accident on my part but fits with my master plan to lull M&D into a false sense of security
  • I remain very cute
  • I passed blood in my urine - and just in case M&D didn't get the point I also pushed out a small blood clot while they watched. Cue panic. M&D ring the outreach team, who said see the GP. GP offers an appointment 90mins later (max points) and sees me saying - 'best they go to the hospital when they're this small'. The hospital Emergency Department see me straight away and the doctor turns out to be one of Daddy's friends. And my urine gets looked at under a microscope. Possible UTI (urinary tract infection).
  • So I've started on antibiotics (again)
  • I seem to be coping with most of my feeds sitting up which makes it easier to look around
  • Mummy gave me a manicure - apparently I was a bit scratchy
And now for some pictures!

Just one dose of all my meds. Some of them are really yucky.


Mummy filing my nails, as I try to escape

"Feed me. Feed me now!"
Love to all,
Arthur x


  1. Such a cutie!! Glad he was swiftly sorted in A&E - no admissions.... Lx

  2. HI Arthur you looking goergeous as usual I'm just off on another holiday Its my little boys (31) wedding in Italy. Love to M+D and you - keep growing and being good last time I went away you came out of hospital this time I expect you to be off the prongs X Penny