Sunday, 15 May 2011

Crosspatch Arthur

Hello all,
Yesterday (Saturday) I spent at home looking utterly adorable. My parents friends Ben and Sam came to see me and I tried to look my very best! They gave M&D lots of advice (Sam is a baby doctor) about how to cope with little people (they've got three). I think M&D found it very reassuring to know that there's no such thing as a new problem with children - and far fewer rules than some might have you believe (especially in books!).

Funny sort of day today (Sunday). I woke for food shortly after 3am. Mum distracted me until 4am and then I had my food. My revenge for this enforced delay was to properly wake up and then stay awake until dawn.

Mum and Dad took me down to Sussex to see Granddad and Granny E. I find it very easy to fall asleep in a car, so I snoozed my way down there. Then we went for a little walk and I slept. Apparently we fed the ducks and the ducklings (more like duck teenagers).
Feeding the ducks with Granddad and Granny E

Duck teenagers - almost as hungry as me!
Then I had a feed. Then I slept. Car journey home - more sleep.

That seemed to be enough sleep - so I thought I'd try crying. Proper fractious, not stopping if I'm changed, or cuddled, or jiggled or bounced or anything. I getting very good at it. As I type it's 10pm and I'm giving crying a brief rest for another feed. I'm debating what to do overnight. Though apparently I have another download tonight so I may be good.

We'll see.

Love to all,
Arthur x

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