Monday, 2 May 2011

Day of 'rest'

Another happy day at home.

Strangely I forgot about my training regime for Mum and Dad last night and accidentally stayed asleep. Indeed if Mum hadn't forcibly woken me up at 5.30am I might have slept right through. She was anxious I get regular feeds - very kind of her but I think it should be for me to decide when I wish to eat.
Mum having 'words' with me. (No, I don't sleep in the big bed)
I have also learnt to poo just after I've had my nappy changed. A bit naughty, I realise, but the look on M&D's faces is priceless.

And we went walkies again. This time to the Southbank (just south of the river Thames in central London). We went for brunch to Giraffe. This is a very child-friendly chain of restaurants. Last time M&D went there they felt like they were the only ones without their baby - so it was nice that this time they had ME! And we went back to St Thomas's to collect two cards and two parcels - many thanks to Arna and Catherine for the pressies.

And I got home and felt super wide awake so Dad read me a story called "The places you'll go" by Dr Seuss. It too was a present from Leanne and family on the Isle of Man. Thank you - I looked at all the pictures very carefully and Dad reads very well. So I look forward to hearing it again soon.
I've got bugs on! (Actually I can't yet sit up - Dad is just out of shot!)

And then friends came round and brought a yummy cake. And once again M&D ate cake and didn't offer me any. This is getting repetitive.
Fred (holding me) and Sherifa made the cake. Apparently it was lovely, humph.

And then it was time to start my 'download' (the 12 hour recording of my blood oxygen saturations). And we realised there was a problem. The recording is done on a special machine. One end is attached to me, and one end to mains electricity. And the cord is quite short. And I also have oxygen tubing.

Well by the time M&D had finished rearranging the bedroom so all the cords/tubes would reach I was properly cross. So I pulled my oxygen off. Apparently this was the wrong thing to do whilst having my levels checked. I'd like to point out that my numbers are super-good whether I've actually got the prongs up my nose or not. But M&D say I have to wear them and be well behaved. I think that parents who don't share their cake (which had MY name on the top) are in no position to give orders.

Hopefully my overnight numbers will be good. Then I can stop this nonsense and just be a normal baby. (Though I'm very grateful they're so careful with me - obviously)

Oh, and 60,000 hits so far from 57 countries. I think my biggest proportion of a continent (other than Oz and NZ) is the Americas - Canada, US, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Peru, Columbia and Argentina so far.

Love to all,
Arthur x

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