Saturday, 30 April 2011

Sunny Saturday

Evening one and all!

I did another first today.  I went and met the mysterious Peter Jones and M+D came away with more stuff for me.  They also got a nice lady to do clay impressions of my left hand and right foot.  They got all sentimental whilst she did this.  I got slightly cross and tried to grab the clay so had to have my hand print repeated.  Apparently I'm quite strong!

I am not amused!

Whilst we were all in W. London, we popped into Chelsea and Westminster to say hello to the people on the Neonatal ward there.  M+D caught up with some of the parents and lots of the nurses and doctors saw me.  They were all very surprised and pleased to see me and all commented on my cuteness and my weight.  It was super seeing everyone again and being able to show everyone how well I'm doing. Whilst I was an in patient, M+D found great comfort in knowing babies 'escaped' and went home and I hope we've now been able to do the same.

Practicing my 'model' shot - looking into the distance

I'm having my first download tomorrow night at home so the Out Reach nurse dropped off a machine that goes ping to look at my oxygen needs and hopefully start weaning down.  Getting ever closer to tubelessness.  Actually the weaning will take at least 4 weeks which I guess is a good thing as EVERYONE knows how much I dislike being rushed.

We have been asked by the Communications Department at St. Thomas' to remove their address and the names of the nurses from the blog.  This has now been done although people still requiring their address will be able to find it on their website. Arthur is of course home now so no more stuff should be sent to the SCBU.  Thank you for the ones already received. 

Arthur xxx

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